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Apr 5, 2014 08:06 AM

Philadelphia CH in Memphis April 10 and 11th, pre-cruise, with travel limitations

I'm a Philly CH with difficulty with stairs, and walking very far. Can use
public transportation or cab of course. We are staying at Courtyard
Memphis Downtown, 75 Jefferson Ave.

Can you suggest lunch and dinner places that would be convenient
for me, and my non-Chow Hubby? I love seafood, barbecue, anything
truly special; hubby is accommodating, but not a fish/seafood eater.

Thanks much all.

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  1. There are plenty of good places on and around Main St. and Second St., many of which will be within a few blocks of your hotel and most of which are pretty accessible by the trolley (be patient - sometimes it's slow). There's a trolley stop at Jefferson & Main, right by your hotel. Cabs to any of these places should be cheap as downtown is compact.

    Lots of places are clustered near Main and Monroe, about a 3-block walk south (blocks are fairly short) or a short trolley ride to either Madison or Union and then about a 1-block walk either way. Felicia Suzanne's is an upscale New Orleans-ish place a little north of Monroe. You might try that for lunch - they're only open for lunch on Friday, and it's fun (and cheaper than dinner). They have $0.25 (small) martinis, if that sounds interesting.

    Flight is nice at the corner of Main & Monroe.

    If you walk about a half block east on Monroe, McEwens has good, somewhat upscale, southern food for lunch and dinner.

    Little Tea Shop and Blue Plate Cafe are both in the general area for southern meat & vegetable lunches. Blue Plate has good breakfast, too.

    A little further down Main, Local Gastropub and Aldo's Pizza are good casual options. Also check out Majestic Grille at Main & Peabody Place - it's in a renovated old theater and I really like the atmosphere. .

    If you want barbecue downtown, I'd go with Central Barbecue. It's further south, near the Civil Rights Museum (which you might check out - it just reopened yesterday after a $28 million renovation). You'd probably want to catch a cab to go there.

    Alcenia's, further north on Main St. (take a cab) is another fun place - good homemade southern/soul food and the owner gives everyone a hug and good conversation. It can be a little slow, though.

    1. I agree with just about everything bulldogx2 wrote, but I'd probably walk to Aleenia's and take the trolley down Main to Central BBQ.