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Apr 5, 2014 07:44 AM

Maine Diners recs

Going to be spending some time camping in Acadia this summer. Am bringing a friend (first time in the US) and want to go to local diners for some good ole DownEast cooking.....Been to places like the Eagles Nest in brewer, Chester pike's, tracey's, bagaduce, bet's in boothbay.....any recs? Havent been up that way in 3 years.......

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  1. Not a diner, but we really enjoyed our breakfast at Side Street Cafe.

        1. If you go out Route 3 from Augusta to Belfast on your way to Acadia....stop at Lori''s Diner and at John's Ice Cream next door.

          (and get a slice of pie to go from Lori, for later on!)