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Charleston Cupcake Delivery?

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I want to send cupcakes to my brother who goes to school at College of Charleston for his Birthday this week. Is there a bakery nearby that would deliver to him? He is off campus on George street. I'm in NJ. Thanks.

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  1. You can try Cupcake Down South: http://www.freshcupcakes.com/Charlest...

    Looks like your brother is probably in the hand delivery area downtown, so they would just charge $5 for delivery.

    That being said, I would highly recommend asking Glazed Doughnuts about a delivery. I *think* they will deliver a dozen downtown without a surcharge. I would take Glazed doughnuts over anybody's cupcakes any day of the week. http://glazedgourmet.com/

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      Thank you! I just decided to send him nine boxes of Philly tastykakes! Maybe I'll get the doughnuts next year! Have to find out if he likes them too.