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Apr 5, 2014 07:17 AM

Ricky's Thai in Montgomery

I noticed this new opening as I drove by on 206. It is a good location, opposite the Montgomery Cinemas. Has anyone been?

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  1. Okay, I'll respond to my own post! Went after a movie last night (party of 4) and ordered 5 "appertizers," as they were called on the menu, and 3 entrees. We experienced the typical problem of not knowing how hot to order the dishes and/or inconsistency in the spiciness. The spicy duck appetizer was not at all spicy, but the "level 4" jungle curry with squid was definitely hotter than the "level 5" duck special. That said, we enjoyed the dishes, hot or not, and decided Ricky's is better than Thai Village in Princeton (not saying much IMHO), so is the best Thai near us. More upscale (and expensive) than some of the others farther away (not an authentic gem in the rough like Four Seasons in Piscataway). It's more similar to Ploy Siam in Robbinsville, but not as big. I'd have to go again to decide which of the two I prefer. But it was not, unfortunately, really outstanding. We ate early, but by the time we left at 6:30 or so, it was filling up nicely, and take-out business seemed brisk.

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      I know there was an Asian restaurant next to Shop Rite there. Can't recall the name. Did it take over that or is it elsewhere in the plaza?

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        It's actually across the road (Rte. 206) from the movies and the Shop Rite center. There is a newly constructed building in that plaza that includes Ricky's. The Chinese restaurant you're remembering is YaYa Noodles, which is still in the Shop Rite plaza near the movies. So is Sahara, a middle eastern restaurant, which is convenient for a post-movie meal, too.

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          The only place I've tried there is the Thomas Sweet cafe. It's a good place for indy films, but I'll usually head into NY to see the ones I'm interested in before Montgomery gets them.

    2. Ricky's Thai is a sort of spin off from the Thai Kitchen I, II, III and IV restaurants (2 in somerville, 1 in chester, 1 in hillsboro)... Ricky was in the Hillsboro location just down 206 in Stop n Shop center since it opened and went out on his own and opened this new restaurant. The menu is almost exactly the same (the prices are a bit higher) but the restaurant is plushier and quieter and the food is just as good... with a bit more attention to presentation. I think they will do well in this location ... although the Hillsboro Thai kitchen may feel the pinch from the Montgomery patrons that no longer travel there...