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Apr 5, 2014 06:38 AM

Two Bells for Avance

And the review reads as one bell.

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    1. Brutal. It does sound like a one-bell review.

      1. Wow, indeed.
        That's the worst two bell I can recall.
        So bad, I cannot imagine eating there.
        Sounds like everything that I hate about what Lacroix has become.

        1. Unfortunately it's hard to imagine a place like this lasting long after such a bad review.

          My prediction is that this space will become retail in less than two years.

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          1. re: barryg

            I think there are deep pocket investors.. and I predict that LeBan will revisit this year, and upgrade it to three stars.

            And the review makes it sound as if the service was more of an issue than the food, (or at least that was my reading of it.. ). Eminently fixable.

            1. re: cwdonald

              The food sounded pretty hit or miss too. An upgrade would help, but Laban wields such power over the dining scene here that he really can make or break a restaurant, especially one at the this price point where most people really need to think about it before booking a reservation.

              The review did read like a one-star, I wonder if he gave it two in attempt to not totally tank the place?

              1. re: barryg

                I read it on Friday online without seeing the bells and it read like 2 bells to me, for what it's worth. It seemed to me like his main complaints had more to do with the service, the setting, and the value, I felt like I could've used more detail about the food from the review. I've only eaten in the downstairs bar, which Laban states is better than upstairs, if anyone is still curious to go, I'd recommend the bar. Although, I have to admit, I had 4 dishes down there, and while one was really great (the duck breast Laban mentioned in passing), the much-raved-about lamb burger was a little bit of a letdown and I've totally forgotten the other two dishes. That duck dish, though, was stupendous. Of course, at $40-something for that one dish, it had better be. Anyway, I hope they don't close because of the review, my meal at the bar was interesting enough that I'll probably go back.

                1. re: Buckethead

                  Between Avance and Garces Volver = Big Fat PASS!

          2. From a LaBan tweet re his review..

            Craig LaBan ‏@CraigLaBan 3h

            There were far too many good qualities @avancephilly for it to get 1 bell @guywebster. Definitely not where it should be yet, though.