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Apr 5, 2014 06:34 AM

Early Sunday AM Breakfast-Bellevue/Seattle Airport Area

I will be in Bellevue for the Emerald Cup the weekend of April 25th. I have Saturday to explore Seattle for all the great culinary adventures it possesses, but on Sunday my flight leaves at 10:30AM but I want to get some kind of breakfast with my family that is in the area before the flight. I am thinking that I want to be at the airport around 8:45/9:00AM any idea of where we could get some grub in Bellevue or close to the airport before our flight? I am staying in Bellevue so anywhere in the area or on the way to the airport would be great, thanks!!! Open to all kinda of food!!!!

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  1. There's a hidden gem called Chace's Pancake Corral, it's on 1606 Bellevue Way SE - you can catch the ST550 @ the Bellevue transit center & it stops almost at the front door. There is also ample parking.

    This is a family pancake joint; the potato pancakes are great. Go early because it's always swamped! Opens 6am.

    1. 13 Coins could hardly be closer to the airport, it is open 24/7, and it is a fun place to have breakfast.

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        13 Coins is exactly what I was thinking!!!

      2. Pancake Chef a half-block off 152nd, near the 99/518 interchange. They've been knocking out breakfasts people come back for for 55 years. Get the big OJ.

        1. In Bellevue Chace's is good. Couzin's in Kirkland is similar and opens at 7am. Or cross the (toll) bridge to the U District to Portage Bay - they open at 7:30am and is pretty much one of the best breakfasts you can get around here. The Bellevue Hyatt is OK for a standard hotel continental if you're in a hurry and don't want to travel far from the downtown corridor.

          Most other places that would be good (and aren't already mentioned) don't open early enough for you.

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            I live 4 blocks away from Portage Bay, there's always a crowd during breakfast hours - seems like they're only open for breakfast/brunch.

            I once went in for a cup of coffee (there's a bar to park yourself at for just this pupose) and a server surprised me with some mis-ordered pancakes in a to go box for free: 'you want these?'

            No I don't look homeless, lol. Class act - they were hot, tasted of lemon zest & were hella good. Thank you!

          2. I think 13 coins is where we are going to end up, how far is that from the airport, and overall is that a good decision in regards, to variety, quality, atmosphere and ease?

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              It is right next to the entrance to the airport, so it is great place to go if you are watching the clock to make a flight. You can literally drop your guests at the departure level within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant.

              The atmosphere is a kitschy throwback to the 50's, slightly dark, tall backed swiveling captain's chairs at the counter, big cushy booths that are ideal for private conversation. The quality is very good for their breakfast items, and if anyone feels like having a mimosa or a bloody mary, they have a full bar. I have always had great experiences with the service.

              For "variety" (and other info) see the menu on their website:

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                Gizmo56, That sounds perfect!!! Thanks for the advice!!!

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                  I think 13 Coins is ideal too, Gizmo. I like ordering the 1/2 order of Eggs Bennie. Just the right amount of food and won't break the bank.

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                    Glad you think so too, firecracker. 13 Coins at both locations is now a genuine Seattle institution. A lot of their egg dishes are really good, including the frittatas, and they also offer a half order version of the Italian frittata. I always like stopping there with visitors coming in, or leaving, Sea-Tac.

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                      Thanks for letting me know about the half order Italian frittata, Gizmo! That's a new one for me and one I'll try really soon!

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                        It's also fun to sit at the counter and watch the line cooks juggle skillets. Eggs over easy, hard, sunnyside, omelets...all going at the same time and all just right. But my favorite is the Joe's Special.

                        1. re: Jeri L

                          Yeah, that view into the kitchen from the counter rocks, especially in the wee hours or early am. And you can glimpse it from most of the the booths.

                          The waitstaff is fun, they are happy to take a picture of your group with your camera, and to help you enjoy your order from the bar.

                          The decor is pure 1963, but the place is kept up perfectly and is spotlessly clean, and the furnishings are all kept as new. It is a happy winking ride back in a time machine to Seattle's "Mad Men" era restaurant scene. Haute cusine it is not, but it is great for more-than-decent 24/7 grub and especially for breakfast, and it is a no-brainer when connecting with SeaTac comings and goings.

                          I hope and expect it will be the right fit for Rachel5000.

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                            Thanks Gizmo56 I am so excited!!!!