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Apr 5, 2014 05:52 AM

Dinner around National Theatre [London]

I'm looking for a place to take my group of university students on our last night in London. I should have the budget to go a little nicer than most of our meals, but it would still need to be fairly reasonable--probably no more than 30GBP per head including a drink (though if we have no incidents throughout the trip we might have a bit more money to spend, so I wouldn't mind hearing about pricier options). The last time I did this trip we ended in Manchester and had our final meal here:

We're staying by the Southwark tube station, and we're headed to a show at the National Theatre that night at 8, so something in the area would be idea. We're a group of 14, so that could be limited, and I have a couple of vegetarians and a couple of pescatarians in the group, which also limits us. I imagine that Italian or some sort of Asian would be ideal since there would be many vegetarian options instead of just one, but I'm certainly open to other things.

Things that look promising nearby: Ping pong, Ristorante Olivelli, Waterloo bar and kitchen, RSJ. There's also Terrace--the small plates place at the National Theatre.

Any feedback on these or better suggestions would be great.

Also, I imagine they'll want to go out for a drink after the show since it's their last night. Any idea on pubs (ideally) or bars that are open past traditional pub hours in the area?

Thanks for all of your help in advance. I've been lurking on the board in preparations for this trip and another I'm making in July, and you've all been so helpful already.

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  1. We were very happy with one dinner we had at Terrace. The small plate menu suited us, and the food was quite tasty.

    I've also eaten at RSJ, and that's also a good choice, although I remember the dining room being rather small, so it might be noisy with a larger crowd. It could be there are other rooms.. I don't know.

    Ping Pong isn't the best dim sum in London, but I rather like it, and students might find it a fun meal. Mind you, the bill can add up quickly if there are lots and lots of different dishes.

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      Thanks, Zuriga.
      Terrace has no openings before the show, and I doubt my students will hold out until 10:15 for dinner. (They need to be fed almost constantly, not unlike toddlers.) I appreciate the vote of confidence on the other two. RSJ makes mention of private rooms on their website, so that's promising.

    2. What about Tas EV - their menu is very broad so your requirements will easily be met. You can take a mezze approach for the whole meal or choose individual dishes. They have space and if the weather is nice you can sit outside. there is a lively bar too (not sure if they stay open late).

      1. Thanks, all.
        After learning that one of my students has a shellfish allergy (which made me nervous about dim sum), I made a reservation at Tas. Their group menu looks perfect, and most of my students have never had Turkish food, so it will be exciting for them.