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Can someone recommend mussels in the East Bay or San Fran area? My mom swears there's nothing as good as mussels on the east coast and I want to show her how great shellfish can be out here! Thanks!

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  1. This article from a few years ago by the SF Chronicle food critic has some suggestions.

    1. Sidebar in Oakland does a nice version of moules frites.

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            A Cote's are my favorites. I don't order them anywhere else any more. When you make the reservation specify you want the back room, the front can be pretty loud at peak times.

            Last time I went to Plouf they were off their game but that could have been just an off day.

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              I love A Cote's mussels. Definitely one of my favorites in the East Bay.

            2. Plouf in Belden Alley in San Francisco specializes in mussels served 5 or 6 ways.


              1. I haven't been in years but Lulu's mussels roasted in an iron skillet La Cagouille-style used to be great.

                1. I love the iron-skillet roasted mussels at Bobo's. Comes out hot and sizzling, and I use the loaf of bread (encrusted with garlic on top) to mop up the excess juices / butter in the pan.

                  1. Mussels seem to be really big in Belgian cooking. I wonder if there are any Belgian restaurants in the SF Bay Area. I know there are only a few Belgian beer bars...

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                      Never been there, but this Belgian place on Valencia and 17th seems to have mussels on the menu.

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                        I have been there a few years ago, and really never liked how they did fries, and the beer selection was definitely a bit seasick. I didn't notice the mussels then, but it could have been a seasonal thing. Same experience with their Hayes location. The beer has likely improved by now (I think the importers are now running better beer) and it's certainly worth a revisit.

                    2. a few years ago had steamed mussels @hawkers fare cooked with coconut broth, lemon grass, cilantro, mint.
                      good sized mussels, tender, tasty

                      much better than the small sized mussels @ Mua.

                      1. I like all four preparations of mussels at Chez Maman on Potrero Hill.

                        1. I like the ones at dinnertime at Zazie and at Sotto Mare.

                          1. Plouf on Belden Lane has several mussel varieties and can be a lively lunchtime spot, with outdoor seating.

                            Maybe Bar Crudo?

                            1. Mua's are great. However, they serve them over the frites and drizzle aioli on top. Just ask for them "deconstructed" if the above seems excessive (which it is to me). Excellent fried calamari (not to mention the burgers!). N.B. can be extremely loud at times.

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                                In this case, "excessive" is not an improvement. No way does this happen in Brussels.

                              2. If you get to Sausalito, Le Garage has great mussels (usually two versions) on their menu. An order is definitely large enough for two people. My normal meal there for two people is one order of mussels and one large salad.