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Apr 4, 2014 09:59 PM

The Press Room, Portsmouth: How's the Food?
We're psyched to be seeing Anais Mitchell next Friday, and we've never been to this venue. Our go-to spot in Portsmouth (we drive up from Boston area) is The Black Trumpet but we may need to eat dinner at the Press Room in order to get good seating.

Here's their current menu. A number of things impress me. They're using haddock for their fish tacos and they put a chipotle sauce on them; the Moroccan Lamb and Chickpea Chili is not your average chili dish,won a competition, and could be really good. Has anyone eaten here; do you like it? TIA

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  1. I liked the chili a lot - nicely spiced. Friendly service.

    1. Man, you Portsmouth area CHs are LUCKY! What a treat to discover talented chefs at The Press Room. Even though I had, upon previewing the menu last week, immediately chosen the Moroccan Lamb Chili as "Mine! Mine!", they were sold out of it when we ordered, so My Love had the Jambalaya ($15) and I had the (3) Fish Tacos ($10). Man, this place felt like a real throwback to the '70's with quality International dishes, generous portions, and low prices. It felt like a first cousin to Penny Cluse in Burlington VT.

      The Caesar dressing was a letdown, but my tacos were delish and hefty : batter fried Haddock, cole slaw, tomato salsa with corn and black beans , and chipotle sauce, all on a griddled flour tortilla. We even got extra orders of the tacos and the really well seasoned Jambalaya- to take home! And the servers upstairs could not have been more considerate. The whole place had a really positive vibe to it, a neighborhood gem with a devoted clientele- from '70's folkies to contemporary college kids. Really fun to discover it and we'll certainly be back!