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Search for Everyday-Drinking Pale Ales

In super-beers, my tastes tend to run to monster IPA's, imperials, doubles, etc. But the drawback is these can run 8 - 9 - 10% ABV or higher. One bottle of them and you're tipping, two is like 4 of anything else... so is there a great "everyday" IPA out there with lower ABV?

Criteria for tonite's blind tasting: ABV <7%, Ratebeer > 90. Candidates are:
Deschutes Red Chair (6.2% ABV)
Stone Go-To (4.5%)
Boulevard Pop-Up (4.3%)
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed (6.4%)
Nectar Ales Nectar IPA (6.7%)
Lagunitas IPA (6.2%)

All beers were tasted blind: I knew the 6 identities ahead of time, but not which was in which glass... Actual tasting notes follow:

1: Pleasant up-front flavor, hint of citrusy sweetness...
2: Skunky up-front taste. Out at first sip.
3: Effervescent texture (overly so), light on flavor. Ineffectual.
4: Interesting. A bit drier than #1 at first, but seems well made... still sort of singular mild bitterness, doesn't evolve.
5: Nice, mild carmelly initial flavor, opens to mildly bitter hoppy bouquet
6: Similar comments to #45: well made, non-complex, mildly on the bitter side.

Beers 1, 4, 5, and 6 move on to next flight of tasting

1: Mildly luscious up front... some lip-smacking flavor evolution
4: Juyst sharply bitter vs. #1. This wouldn't be a steady go-to IPA for my palate
5: Nice citrusy up-front flavor. Pleasant relief from the singularity of #4
6: Now this is dry, but not as much so as 4

Beers 1, 5, and 6 move to the final round of this taste-off

1: I could definitely go-to with this... complex, nothing not to like, some hint of sweetness amongst the bitters.
5: Nothing not to like, but 1 just is overall more interesting
6: Seems sort of nice but bland.

A final sip of #1 seals it.

RESULTS: 1 is the ONLY one of these 6 beers that meets with my palate for an everyday "non-imperial" pale ale with great flavor.

DRUMROLL to reveal the winner, I honestly have no idea which beer this is.... Deschutes Fresh Squeezed!! I note that in prior random tastings this beer has also fared well. It's just excellent and the only one of these 6 that will move on in this "everyday" competition.

Revealing identities of the other beers: 2 (Lagunitas IPA), 3 (Deschutes Red chair), 4 ( Stone go-to), 5 (Nectar IPA), 6 (Boulevard Pop-up). Interesting to note that hands-down the driest beer of this bunch was the Stone. Sorry but I just don't crave the Stone PA style.. it's singular to a fault IMO.

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  1. Thanks for the notes, I haven't tried any of those, but I also enjoy a good pale ale that won't overly intoxicate me.

    May I also suggest
    Alesmith X, an incredibly crisp, hoppy, light colored pale ale.
    Good old Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, often overlooked due to its ubiquity but still one of my favorites.
    Ballast Point Even Keel, not sure if it is widely distributed but quite low in alcohol, refreshing and tasty.
    Stone Levitation, more amber than pale but refreshing, citrus fruit flavors.

    1. "But the drawback is these can run 8 - 9 - 10% ABV or higher."

      I'm not sure how the word "drawback" fits in this sentence.

      Anyway, I'll second the SNPA rec (5.6%).

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      1. re: TVHilton

        It's a drawback for everyday drinking.... SNPA for example is 5.6% ABV. Avery Maharaja is 10.4%.

        So if I just want to have "a couple beers", having a couple 12oz pours of maharaja is like nearly 4 SNPA's... that's a drawback if I'm not interested in getting smashed that evening.

        1. re: TombstoneShadow

          Well, I was being semi-facetious. But for me, an 8% beer is for everyday drinking (I just don't drink a lot of them). Different tastes.

          1. re: TVHilton

            Definitely understood.... I like the stronger beers too, and in general the more opulent IPAs are definitely ABV >7... just looking for some lower-alcohol options.

      2. Not sure if you can get this in your area but Founders All Day IPA is pretty damned tasty. There are a number of east coast ones coming out too like Carton Boat Beer and Evil Twin Hipster that are quite good.

        It is nice to have something lower in alcohol to choose from that brings good flavor

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        1. re: MVNYC

          Session IPAs are rapidly becoming standard issue from craft breweries. Stone has theirs, Lagunitas, ....

          I'm seeing at least one session saison (Victory). That looks like a fun variation on the session ale.

          1. re: Jim Dorsch

            I liked the taste of Stone's but, I thought that the mouth feel was thin.

            1. re: JAB

              I feel the same way about Lagunitas Day Time IPA. It seems so thin and a little "diety" even if it does have a hop bite. I would just assume drink a decent pilsner if I want hops without a heavy hit of alcohol.

              1. re: Insidious Rex

                I am sure many people worship the "Diety" of Lagunitas Day Time.

                1. re: Tripeler

                  ha ha... DIETY not DEITY! What? You mean theres no adjective for "diet like"?? Well I just created one then. And anyway the Deity of Lagunitas Day Time sounds like something straight out of Cthulhu. Although I say its high time we had a Cthulhu beer! Just not a Cthulhu diet beer.

              2. re: Jim Dorsch

                This is a trend that makes me pretty happy. Now if only some local breweries by me would start making tasty British style ESBs and other sessionable cask ales.

                1. re: MVNYC

                  I recently had a phenomenal one from a new SF brewery named Cellarmaker called "Crush a Bale". 4.5% session pale with an unreal hop bouquet. It was like Pliny Light or something.

              3. re: MVNYC

                I haven't tried the Evin Twin one yet, but I like the other two as well. And I agree, the lower ABV full flavored/ aroma beers are an encouraging trend.....BTW, I checked out Dirck the Norseman other day. One visit was decently positive but I'm going to require more sampling of the brews. Cool space. Once I get some more experience under my belt will post on the OB board.

              4. Here's a 2nd Blind Tasting of 6 "Everyday, Highly-Rated" Pale Ales.

                At the outset, note that I rejected a couple beers (forget which ones) with nice ratings that were even 7.1%. If they were anything over 7.0%, I didn't include them. The beers for this blind tasting were:

                Bear Republic Rcer 5
                Evil Twin Falco
                Goose Island IPA
                Oskar's Dales Pale Ale
                Stone IPA
                Summit SAGA IPA

                Actual tasting notes follow:

                FIRST FLIGHT
                1: Initial "flattish" or blandish impression. Not bad, just doesn't pop.
                2: Nicer, brihter... some citrus... fades to quite dry finish... almost puckery
                3: Okay... kind of a "dry slurpy" brew
                4: Not bad... almost a clovey-german wheat flavor... kind of interesting
                5: Pleasant, a bit insipid... turns dry. [just now I remember a British girlfriend in Bombay who used the word "insipid" alot :)]
                6: Anoter bland/dry brew...

                The above is why I prefer big imperial IPAs... let's try this again [actually wrote that]

                FLIGHT TWO:
                1: Okay, but nothing jumps out
                2: Mild skunkiness...
                3: A little more interesting... fiar up-front flavor & some complexity. Definitely prefer 3 over 2 due to 2's dry fade...

                1 and 3 are best of 1st three, but don't love either really
                4: Okay... kind of a relief...
                5: Singular dryness to semi-puckery... definitely prefer 4.
                6: Fair... do I really like this? 2nd sip... elicits a groan...
                Re-sipping 4 ... 4 is absolutely the best of the 2nd group of 3.

                FINAL FLIGHT:
                4 vs. 3: 4 for sure
                4 vs. 1: this is closer, maybe let's leave it here... 4 by a nose over 1.

                REVEALING the "winners"... DRUMROLL....

                4 is... Bear Republic Racer 5
                1 is... Stone IPA

                Interesting result, because in several blind tastings in past years, Racer 5 has come out pretty well for my palate... not making it quite to the top of the imperial mountain, but getting to the quarter and semi-finals in some cases...

                Revealing the others: Racer 5 (4), SAGA (3), GI-IPA( 2), Dales (5), Falco (6), Stone (1).

                .... to be continued....

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                1. re: TombstoneShadow

                  Well, if you going to let something in that is bang on 7.0%, it should be Bell's Two Hearted. I personally would not normally even have more than one of these, but man is it delicious. I am looking for something great that is <=6.0% myself.

                  1. re: TombstoneShadow

                    Racer 5 is one of my default brews--very good stuff.

                    1. re: TombstoneShadow

                      Saga is now my daily drinker. Great IPA and $10.99/12 pack in my area.

                    2. Third Blind Tasting:
                      Beers are:
                      Boulevard Single-Wide
                      Odell Runoff IPA
                      Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye (I know it's a rye, but still labeled a "PA")
                      Deschutes Inversion
                      Deschutes Mirror Pond

                      Of the above, 3 beers moved on to the final flight ).

                      Final flight notes:
                      Beer 1: Okay, just non-distinct, nothing special
                      Beer 3: A bigger flavor than #1
                      Beer 5: Most complex... but not loving it. I think I liked the flavor of 3 better... Re-sipping 3 confirms it.

                      Winner: Beer #3.... Odell Runoff IPA. (FWIW, 1 was Mirror Pond, 3 Inversion).

                      1. So now I've done 3 different blind tastings, a total of 17 beers... it's time to pit the winners of the 3 tastings against each other to hopefully find a true "masterpiece" lower-alcohol PA for everyday drinking. The 3 contestants are:

                        Bear Republic Racer 5
                        Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
                        Odell Runoff IPA

                        Actual tasting notes follow:

                        Beer 1: Rich, mid-spectrum on the sweet-dry scale... lacks a bit of "vibrance". Just sort of "sits" in my mouth.

                        Beer 2: Yum... definitely more up-front flavor than 1. Favors the dry side. Overall I prefer 2 at this point, not that 1 is unpleasant.

                        Beer 3: Bright flavor. But overall I just like Beer 2 better at this point...

                        Revealing the winner....

                        And it's no surprise....

                        Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. This is a great IPA and has stood up several times in past tastings. It's bright, complex, evolves, and just leaves an impression of a well-made beer. At 6.4% it's hardly "thin" but won't knock you for a loop like the 10 and 11 percenters... Thanks to the brewers of the other 16 beers for helping to showcase this one!

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                        1. re: TombstoneShadow

                          Damn, I have 4 different Deschutes in the fridge right now and Fresh Squeezed isn't one of them. I'll have to remedy that.

                          1. re: JAB

                            Definitely give it a try... I've liked most of the Deschutes PA's, I guess Red Chair might be my least favorite to this point... they really make too many of them to the point it gets a bit confusing.

                        2. Always thought there would someday be a demand for interesting and drinkable lower abv american pale ales/english bitter styles that used american hops for unique flavors, just never thought they would have to be called IPA's to get anyone's interest though. ;-)

                          Here are some of the Session IPA's that I have tried:

                          Founder's All Day IPA - So far this is the king of this "new" pale ale for me, but only out of a can - for some reason the hop flavor is short lived on draft and bottle, but every sip out of the can is deliciously hoppy with tropical and citrusy flavors. Best balance/mouthfeel- which is pretty difficult to pull off for this style imo. 15 packs out now for ~$17 and this will be a staple in my fridge - Seems to keep its fresh hop flavor for 2+ months too.

                          Lagunitas Daytime IPA - enjoyed the heck out of it when it first came to market (~2yrs ago?)- lots of hop punch up front and good drinkable balance. Recent try lacked the hop flavor and was a bit astringent and watery.

                          Stone Go To IPA - Probably the hoppiest of the bunch that I have tried but bit too floral/grassy and out of balance (dry/bitter) for my tastes in something that I am going to drink multiples of in a session. Good when blended with one of the lesser hopped examples below though.

                          Ithaca Green Trail - a nice somewhat fruity pale ale and drinkable malty base, but doesn't push my hop buttons enough to consider it as an IPA

                          Uinta Detour - an easy drinking red ale - bandwagon jumping on the session ipa name though

                          Notch Left of the Dial - tried on tap last year. Very similar to Uinta Detour

                          Greenflash Citra Session - only had on tap, but nicely hoppy and drinkable until I had another beer and came back to it, then it just seemed wispy/watery.

                          Wachusett Light IPA - caramel malty body and somewhat bold old school (centennial ?) hop flavor. Nice drinkability when its cold, but gets a little cloying when it warms. As far as I know this is the first brewery to use this naming convention. IMO - if/when someone gains crossover traction with this name and the big lager producers jump on it, it could be the perfect storm that overcomes premium pilsner as the most popular style in the US - you will see a broad range of flavorless to full flavored beers called Light IPA's. Then you will see some serious hop shortages. ;-)

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                          1. re: LStaff

                            I noticed that about the Stone and Green Flash beers myself - the others I haven't tried. I think it's a very hard style to make well.

                          2. Olde Frothingslosh.

                            1. The search continues with an interesting blind tasting last night. The Beers:
                              Lost Coast Indica
                              North Coast Red Seal Ale
                              Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
                              Stone Pale Ale

                              Tastings were all single-blind: I knew the 4 beers, but not which one was in which glass. Actual tasting notes follow:

                              Beer 1: Not bad... smooth, mildly sweet initial flavor fades to mildly bitter... Could be a go-to here, have to see...

                              Beer 2: Kind of singularly-bitter. I don't think this is my daily PA

                              Beer 3: Again... too un-imaginative, just straight bitter. Re-sipping Beer 1 again, Beer 1 is clearly better.

                              Beer 4: Uggg... this flavor is a mess.
                              Next round: 2 vs. 3.

                              beer 2... just singular, life's too short.
                              beer 3: definitely beats 2, still not lovin' it.

                              Sipping 1 again vs. 3... easy winner, 1 is good, will move on in these tasting championships.
                              Now to see what I've been loving here... drumroll.... Beer 1 is:

                              Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

                              The others: 2 ( Stone Pale Ale), 3 (Lost Coast Indica), 4 (Red Seal).

                              SNCA is a really interesting beer... don't think they brew it year-round unfortunately. But it's got that complexity that so many of these other brews don't deliver. Post-script: I've always liked Indica as a go-to. It came in a distant 2nd in this tasting, that really says something for SNCA.

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                              1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                I like your choice of beers this round, and they are some of my favourites. Lost Coast Indica is imported into Japan by a friend of mine, and I recently had a six pack. It is pretty good. For years I have loved Red Seal, and was surprised it wasn't good for you -- perhaps an old product and not stored well? Stone Pale Ale is pretty good, but not exceptional as some of the other Stone beers are. The real tour de force, though, is the SNCA, which is one truly exceptional beer that likely makes Sierra Nevada proud. I would put it in a class apart from the three others.

                                Enjoy your reports! Keep up the good work.

                                1. re: Tripeler

                                  I'm going to pit SNCA vs. Deschutes Fresh Hop and perhaps another if I can find something worthy at an upcoming get together of fellow-imbibers. We will do a blind tasting between 4 or 5 persons and it will be interesting.

                                  Interesting read on "fresh hops" from SN: http://www.sierranevada.com/beer/seas...

                                  Seems like they harvest between Aug and Oct 31... then brew Celebration up shortly thereafter. I assume Deschutes is similar (all of them that claim "fresh hops" for that matter?).

                                  Anyway that means they might not be good candidates for a year-round go-to medium alcohol PA. I'm going to cellar some of it and try a bottle every month til the next batch comes out... see if there is any real deterioration in flavor...

                              2. So I've got a blind taste-off set up with some friends this Friday and thought I'd try one more batch of PA's prior to that.... The 4 beers tasted were:

                                Great Divide Fresh Hop
                                Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
                                Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
                                Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA (just slightly above the 7% abv cutoff at 7.2%)

                                All beers were tasted side-by-side blind... actual tasting notes follow:

                                Beer 1: First taste is okay. Balanced.... flavor evolves and finishes to a drier taste. Not crazy about it as the final taste notes get quite bitter...

                                Beer 2: Just don't love this taste.... kind of skunk-yucky.... Life's too short to drink this.

                                Beer 3: Sort of like this.... a mid-spectrum bitter-sweet initial flavor. Probably the best beer so far

                                Beer 4: Bland flavor. Noting to love... Beer 3 is definitely better.

                                FINAL FLIGHT: 1 vs. 3...
                                Sipping 3: Not bad....
                                Sipping 1.... no question 3 is better....

                                Beer 3 wins and moves on to Friday night's taste-off...

                                Revealing the winner.... Beer 3 is.....


                                Sierra Nevada Torpedo...
                                The others: Beer 1 (GDFH); Beer 2 (RYS); and Beer 4 (SNPA).

                                SNT will move on to Friday and face: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed and SN Celebration head-to-head blind. I'm going to include a glass of Odell Myrcennary, the winning IPA from the last taste-off this group did.

                                Myrcennary is a stronger more "imperial" type IPA. It will benchmark our palates. If one or more of these more "modest ABV" beers compares favorably to Myrcennary we know we really have something...

                                DOWNSIDE of this so far: SN Celebration is strictly a seasonal brew :( Fortunately DFS is now brewed year-round per their website so there's at least one year-round brew identified among all these tasted. If Torpedo holds up it also is year-round now, so might have two!

                                Bottom line is after all this effort I may have to go back and pick out the runners-up that are year-round brews to find maybe one more really good one.

                                1. Really try to find Carton Boat beer. Sub 5%, super citrus hops. Really refreshing.

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                                  1. re: SP1

                                    I'd love to find that and other top-rated session PAs. The only one for sure in this series of tastings are Boulevard Pop-Up and Stone Go To.

                                    Realistically I suspect the beers up towards the 7% ABV cutoff will generally score better than those near 5% or less, yes ? Deschutes Fresh Squeezed is at 6.4%, SN Celebration at 6.8%, and SN Torpedo at 7.2% :(

                                    1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                      Since you have access to Summit, give their Horizon Red IPA a shot - not quite a session at 5.7% and easy on the wallet.

                                      1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                        Not sure why the higher alcohol brews would score higher. More alcohol doesn't mean a better beer.

                                        1. re: MVNYC

                                          That's a question for the brewers out there, can't directly answer it either...

                                          ...I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the extra fermentation time results in a richer, more complex flavor?

                                          But whatever the reason, at least to my palate it is the case that the very best, richest brews do tend to be "higher alcohol".... great stouts, great barleywines, imperial IPAs, strong belgians, etc...

                                          That's why I'm really thrilled to find a superb PA at under 7% abv, because as much as I love the stronger brews, you feel them more in the morning.

                                          1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                            Well I homebrew and in my experience and in commercial beers I have had higher alcohol and more hops and malt can hide flaws pretty easily. I also wouldn't say a stronger flavor means a more complex beer. If you have ever been to England there are plenty of low alcohol beers with rich complex flavors that are the epitome of sessionable. Similarly German/Czech pilseners can be complex as well.

                                            A well made beer is a well made beer regardless of ABV in my experience but everyone's taste is different.

                                            1. re: MVNYC

                                              I've had a lot of hoppy session beers and it seems that this style really challenges brewers. Most I've had have been just OK. The well-made ones I've had are some of my favorite beers ever.

                                                1. re: JAB

                                                  Carton Boat Beer is excellent. Not sure of their distribution zone.

                                                  1. re: MVNYC

                                                    +1. Had another last night. Great beer in this category.

                                                  2. re: JAB

                                                    Too many to count, really. Off the top of my head the most recent one I had that I didn't care for was Stone's Go-To IPA. It reminded me of another one I didn't like, Ballast Point's Even Keel. They both had an unpleasant grassy note and lack of body, which is not surprising given the low ABV, but other brewers have found ways around that.

                                                    In SF there are two newish breweries, Cellarmaker and Social Kitchen (which technically isn't new but has a newish brewer) which both make really good session pales/IPAs. Cellarmaker recently had one called Crush A Bale which was like Pliny light. Low alcohol, amazing hop flavor, and the body was quite pleasant due to the use of oats in the malt bill. So far it seems all the best versions of this style I've had have been from smaller producers.

                                                    1. re: Josh

                                                      Really liked the Cursh A Bale too. I need to make a few more trips to Cellarmaker but so far I really like what they have been putting out.

                                                2. re: MVNYC

                                                  But what about the brewing process itself...

                                                  If we just look at rich microbrew Imperial Pale Ales for a moment (say 3 Floyds Dreadnaught or Dogfish 60 min or Odell Myrcennary.... )

                                                  Is it possible to get the same level of flavor out of these beers but keep the ABV way down? I've just never had a lower ABV beer that achieves that...

                                                  This is not to say that a lower ABV beer can't be "well made", it's just I've never found one that achieves these same levels of flavor...

                                                  1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                    Im assuming you meant Dogfish 90? 60 is only like 6% I believe and is good but certainly isnt an imperial IPA. And yes you are very unlikely to find anything that mimics the same malt density and hop explosion that youll find in a Dreadnaught. I just dont know if you could mimic that without using tons of malt and tons of hops by definition. BUT maybe the word "flavor" is where the disconnect is here because for many people (myself included) the flavor of certain 3.9% english milds are top notch. You could also look at beers like the Gose, the Berliner weisse, the Bier de Garde, the Wit which all have TONS of flavor and usually are pretty low in ABV. The thing is its a different kind of flavor from the imperial IPA. So if you are using the definition of flavor as "hops and grain bill/mouth feel like a Dreadnaught" no mild (or pale ale for that matter) will EVER give you what you want.

                                                    I guess for me its like saying mild cheeses can never be as flavorful as strong stinky cheeses because well they arent strong and stinky! When in fact theres some fantastic mild cheeses that blow away some stinky cheeses but you could never say they have more "flavor" then that mediocre stinky cheese. Not sure if that analogy works but... thats how it works for me at least.

                                                    1. re: Insidious Rex

                                                      Right.... you just won't get dreadnaught richness in a 3.9% abv beer from anywhere....

                                                      But in their own way the flavor of the lower ABV can still be great in it's own way... just like a mild wheat beer can have a great flavor in it's own way compared to a rich imperial stout has one...

                                                      Richness and complexity for me seem to be distinguishing features of these great high ABV beers.

                                        2. SPRING 2014 PALE ALE MIDWEST FINALS, moderate ABV category....

                                          So after blind tasting 25 PAs and IPAs, the time finally came for the ultimate showdown.

                                          Myself and 2 pals held a blind tasting last night pitting the following "winners" of the preliminary tastings listed in this thread:

                                          Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
                                          Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
                                          Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra Pale Ale
                                          My tasting notes:
                                          Beer 1: Well made, a bit on the dry side....
                                          Beer 2: More complex, hints of sweetness, prefer it over 1
                                          Beer 3: Quite dry, almost to point of IPA "harshness".

                                          To me, it wasn't much of a contest... Beer 2 was my favorite.
                                          My friends didn't hesitate in their faves either. First guy clearly preferred beer 2, followed by 1 then 3. Second guy just liked beer 2 and in comparison thought the others fell short....

                                          We continued to taste the remaining beer, but the ratings never changed... This was over "at first sip".... the winner by a wide margin....

                                          Let's reveal Beer 2....

                                          Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. What a masterpiece of a beer.

                                          Beer 1: SNCA
                                          Beer 3: SN Torpedo.

                                          1. I posted this similar question a while ago and the replies brought me to some tasty beers.


                                            I've recently tried Goose Island Endless IPA and enjoyed it. It's 4.8% ABV (I think). I love Founders All Day and haven't see the Lagunitas Daytime IPA for over a year.

                                            1. Random Tasting Note on Stone Levitation Ale and a new blind tasting.

                                              Stone Levitation: at 4.4% ABV this is just watery, dry and very un-interesting. Not worth putting into a tasting.

                                              Blind Tasting, May 2014, of two new beers pitted against the perennial "champ". Beers are:

                                              Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' PA
                                              Odell St. Lupulin
                                              Deschutes Fresh Squeezed PA

                                              Actual tasting notes:
                                              Beer 1: Delicious. Balanced bitter-sweet with pleasant lingering flavors

                                              Beer 2: Deeper dryness. Satisfying... but flavor really gets bitter as it evolves. By contrast, sipping Beer 1 again is a refreshing break to cut through 2's bitterness.

                                              Beer 3: Pleasant flavor. Sort of non-descript in comparison to Beer 1. Not as bitter as Beer 2. Another sip of 1 by contrast shows that 1 just has a more complex and interesting flavor profile.
                                              Revealing the beers:

                                              Beer 1 (the "winner"): Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
                                              Beer 2: Anderson Valley Hop Ottin'
                                              Beer 3: Odell St. Lupulin

                                              I have tried a few bottles of Lupulin the past month, and always found it pleasant, but it's revealing that when tasted blind vs. DFS it just doesn't quite measure up.

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                                              1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                The fresh squeezed is good from what I remember but haven't had it in a while. Hop Ottin IPA was one of the beers I cut my teeth on in the late 90s. Haven't had one in a while but drank a good amount back in college when the market wasn't as saturated with the style as it is now. Perhaps I need to revisit

                                                1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                  I liked the Fresh Squeezed when I had it recently. I wouldn't put Levitation into a pale ale tasting, though. It's more like a hoppy amber.

                                                2. I just picked up some Fresh Squeezed. I haven't tried it yet but, I hope that I don't like it too much at $10.99 a sixer. :>)

                                                  6 Replies
                                                  1. re: JAB

                                                    I can't say that I'm a fan. I'd describe it as thin and bitter.

                                                    1. re: JAB

                                                      Interesting - I really liked it. Great tropical fruit notes.

                                                        1. re: JAB

                                                          Odd, I just had another from the same 6 pack and didn't find the previous bitterness and did find the tropical fruit but, not enough to really care for it.

                                                          1. re: JAB

                                                            Josh probably was drinking it right out of the hop/fruit squeezer.

                                                            1. re: RB Hound

                                                              Yea, he probably has it like that.

                                                    2. Not exactly an "everyday" PA, but tried the Evil Twin "Yuzu" pale ale this evening. Just alright. Reminded me of a lightly-fruited wheat beer like a very faint peach wheat or raspberry wheat. Nothing to hate, but nothing to really get excited about. Glad I tried it.

                                                      1. In Trader Joe's today I noticed that they had a Mendocino Brewing Company "Black IPA", which sounds kind of intriguing. It's only 6%, so that would fall within your criteria. (I didn't buy any because they also had Anchor Saison, which I had thought was gone for the season. 7.2%, so over the limit for this thread.)

                                                        1. Interesting mini-tasting last night:
                                                          Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Fresh Hop vs
                                                          Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

                                                          The SNSH held up really well. Nice mild to moderate bitter range, very fresh and well-made.

                                                          By comparison though, every sip of DFS yields just a more complex flavor with a more dramatic immediate impression.

                                                          All-in-all SNSH is very impressive and may in fact be better tasting to my palate than Torpedo or even SN Celebration. I still have a bottle of each of those so might do an exclusive Sierra Nevada tasting soon.

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                                                          1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                            Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody has to drink it!

                                                          2. Picked up a mixed 12 PK from Sierra Nevada called 4-Way IPA. Contains Nooner Session IPA 4.8%, not bad at all. Doesn't feel thin like most. Snow Wit White IPA 5.7% which isn't bad either but, not as good as Chainbreaker. Blindfold Black and Torpedo Extra are included as well.

                                                            1. Blind Tasting June 12, 2014.


                                                              Bell's Two-Hearted PA
                                                              Deschutes Fresh Squeezed (the benchmark)
                                                              Firestone Walker Union Jack
                                                              Founders Centennial

                                                              Actual tasting notes follow:

                                                              Beer 1: Nice, fruity, almost missing a sharp bitter edge

                                                              Beer 2: Drier... almost puckery... I definitely prefer Beer 1 at this point

                                                              Beer 3: Nicely balanced... mildly bitter sweet.

                                                              Beer 4: Nice... balanced.... lingering flavor... slight bitterness predominates...

                                                              Initial results: Clear loser is Beer 2.

                                                              Further tasting:

                                                              Beer 1 vs. 3: nearly a tie but sipping and re-sipping the nod goes to Beer 1

                                                              Beer 1 vs. 4: 4 is nice but the overall character is a little undefined in contrast to Beer 1 which is "yummy".

                                                              Beer 3 vs. 4; Somewhere around even.

                                                              Last sip of Beer 1: yes, just a more completely structured beer and slight winner over 3 and 4 which are both respectable, and Beer 2 which was just unpleasant.

                                                              Revealing the beers:

                                                              Beer 1: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
                                                              Beer 2: Bell's Two-Hearted
                                                              Beer 3: Firestone Union Jack
                                                              Beer 4: Founder's Centennial

                                                              Interesting that Bell's 2-hearted was such a loser. Just found it at a liquor store across the state line where they have Bell's products... I haven't liked it in the past. Probably haven't had it for at least 7 years.... and don't care for it now. In contrast, Bell's Kalamazoo stout scored very highly in our stout tastings.

                                                              1. My never-ending search continues Fri, Aug. 12 with a Blind Tasting of four new PA / IPA's. All were tasted poured from a bottle (none on tap). Tasting was single-blind: I knew the varietal (PA/IPA), and the 4 brews, but not which was in which glass.

                                                                With reminder this tasting series focuses on mid to lighter ABV beers (generally 7% or less).

                                                                TONIGHTS CONTENDERS
                                                                Caldera IPA
                                                                New Belgium Ranger
                                                                Three Floyd's Alpha King
                                                                Victory Hop Devil

                                                                I note off the bat that historically TFAK and VHD have been major go-to PAs for me. They aren't currently available in my current state of residence, so brought some back from a recent trip to Chicago.

                                                                ACTUAL TASTING NOTES FOLLOW:
                                                                Beer A: Nice, rich, mild bitterness. Nothing not to like.

                                                                Beer B: Not much style... medium bitterness and not much else.

                                                                Beer C: Fir, nothing remarkable. 2nd taste was worse.

                                                                Beer D: Indistinct, muddled flavor.

                                                                Walking away after this flight and re-sipping, Beer A was the clear winner. Was no really close second. Others sampling these same beers tended to prefer C.

                                                                IDENTIFYING THE BEERS:
                                                                Beer A: Caldera; Beer B: Ranger; Beer C: Alpha King; and D: Hop Devil.

                                                                This was quite a surprise and wake-up call for me, considering in such regard I've held Alpha King. Anyway, only Caldera will move on into an eventual taste-off with Deschutes Fresh Squeezed, my current top pick in the medium-ABV PA category.

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                                                                1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                                  I am currently drinking Caldera IPA and Worthy IPA and they are different enough to alternate with good results. The Worthy has a smooth clean taste with good, strong bitterness. If you can find Worthy, I highly recommend it.

                                                                  1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                                    I remember when Alpha King was the stuff of folklore hop legend. And Hop Devil was considered a massive hop monster. My how times have changed...

                                                                  2. Recent Tasting:

                                                                    The challengers: SKA Modus Hoperandi, Southern Tier Live, and Deschutes Fresh Squeezed.

                                                                    This was a simple, non-blind tasting. Actual tasting notes follow:

                                                                    DFS: Slight bittersweet flavor leaning to the bitter side. Not overly dry.

                                                                    STL: Somewhat puckery as the "flavor" lingers.

                                                                    One sip of DFS: it's just more complex and interesting vs. STL's singular subdued taste

                                                                    SKA Modus: Richer & more interesting / complex than STL

                                                                    SKA vs. DFS: SKA is more singular, DFS a little more richness....

                                                                    Overall winner "and still champion: DFS

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                                                                    1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                                      Modus Hoperandi = perhaps, my favorite beer name ever. They have a Mandarin Modus Hoperandi as well that sounds interesting.

                                                                      1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                                        Fresh Squeezed is going to be a tough one to beat. It's one of the better IPAs out there.

                                                                      2. The tasting campaign continues....

                                                                        In a recent blind tasting, Caldera IPA was the clear winner over such illuminaries as Alpha King and Hop Devil...

                                                                        So yesterday I did an impromptu blind tasting between CIPA and my perennial winner, Deschutes Fresh Squeezed. Single-blind as I knew the two beers, but not which was in which glass. Actual tasting notes follow:

                                                                        Beer 1: Pleasant flavor in the middle of the bitter-sweet spectrum. Nice lingering complex flavor notes...

                                                                        Beer 2: Bolder, definitely drier than 1. Almost a "puckery" lip-smacking effect as the bitter mid-notes come in...

                                                                        Re-tasting 1 after 2, 1 at first seems a bit soft and thin by comparison.

                                                                        Tasting back and forth the richness between the two balances out as 1's greater complexity presents itself...

                                                                        This was a difficult tasting to rank. I found myself saying "to be continued, about a tie tonite... perhaps slightly leaning to 1".

                                                                        Definitely will re-pit these two in a wider blind tasting down the road.

                                                                        REVEALING THE BEERS:

                                                                        Beer 1: DFS
                                                                        Beer 2: CIPA

                                                                        1. The on-going quest continued with a blind tasting of 3 IPA's:
                                                                          Founder's Centennial
                                                                          Surly Furious
                                                                          Tallgrass Ethos

                                                                          I knew the identity of the 3 beers, but not which was in which glass. Actual tasting notes follow:

                                                                          Beer 1: Nice, pleasant somewhat complex initial flavor, mildly sweet with hint of bitterness. Lingering nice flavor

                                                                          Beer 2: Slightly "chalky" note on first taste. A bit drier than 1. Not bad...

                                                                          Re-tasting Beer 1 yields a cleaner, more focused taste without the heavier driness...

                                                                          Beer 3: Plesant, perhaps not as distinct in flavor as 1.

                                                                          Contest definitely boils down to 1 and 3. 3 has a more "citrusy" edge whereas 1 is overall more complex with more bitter notes. Corny, but 1 "tastes more like beer".... This is very close and both 1 and 3 will move on in this competition.

                                                                          Revealing the beers:

                                                                          BEER 1: Tallgrass Ethos
                                                                          BEER 2: Surly Furious
                                                                          BEER 3: Founder's Centennial.

                                                                          To be continued....

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                                                                          1. re: TombstoneShadow

                                                                            TS -- Great job again, the selection is excellent and your descriptions are simple and to-the-point.