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Apr 4, 2014 07:16 PM

What's your favorite place for lunchtime pho in NV?

Preferably in Falls Church-Fairfax-Chantilly but not Eden Center -- that parking lot is too crazy at lunchtime.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are about a gazillion. Could you narrow down the area your looking in?

      1. Looking for the best -- doesn't matter where along route 50/7/29. I've found that sometimes the soup is bland as dishwater and add a lot of siracha, but I like it better when the soup is flavorful on its own, especially with a strong hint of star anise.

        1. I still like Pho 75 on Wilson in Arlington, which is just off of 29 and Quinn. Not as good as it was but still better than the rest. Interior reminds me of Saigon. Meat and sprouts are better than in Saigon or Hue, the broth is nearly as good as the best places I went to in all of Vietnam. It compares to Pho Pasteur in Saigon, which is my favorite there.
          It is in closer than Falls Church and its parking lot is tight at lunch time so maybe not the best location for you.

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            That's a heck of a recommendation, makes me want to go. Unfortunately not all Pho 75 are equal. The one near my office at 50 and 495 doesn't seem as good. I do like the Pho Golden Cow across the street. The nearby Pho Sate, Pho Cyclo and Pho 50 are all decent. During the weekdays, Eden Center isn't all that packed.

          2. I used to work across the street from Pho Golden Cow at Skyline. I still go back periodically because it is better than average.