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Apr 4, 2014 05:11 PM

Brunch/lunch spots around Menlo Park or Edison NJ?

Any good lunch or brunch spots around Menlo Park or Edison NJ. Hi, low, and everything in between works for me.

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  1. Skylark Diner, Harold's Deli (massive portions of everything - FUN!), Le Peep (assuming it's still there)

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    1. re: jbsiegel

      LePeep is still there, but I haven't been in (20+) years. Skylark would be my recommendation, too. Healthy, innovative diner food in a fun atmosphere.

      1. re: beastca

        I thought LePeep replaced the Baja Fresh that used to be there. I guess not if it's been there more than 20 years.

    2. Without a doubt, Skylark Diner on Rt 1!

      1. I like the pantagis on 514, and if you happen to catch him at the right time, the wood burning pizza truck is supposed to be great (I've never been lucky enough to be over there when he is). I think houlihans is great for being a chain.

        If the Bhan Mi place is still there on Old Post Road?

        1. Here's a link to a list of places in Edison that was recently posted on another thread by a respected 'hound:

          *edit: That didn't seem to work right. The list appears a couple posts above where the link takes you

          Also, there are quite a few good Indian restaurants in that area. It's certainly worth a search of this Board and review of the threads, if that type of cuisine interests you.

          Personally, if I was up there around Noon today, I'd go get a burger and/or a pork roll, egg & cheese from White Rose in Highland Park and eat 'em sitting on the hood of my car (the place is not what one would call "pretty") while drinking a can of cheap beer (like a local cop).

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          1. re: MGZ

            This place must be going downhill fast if I'm considered a respected member! LOL

            I think this link will work better:

            If OP is impartial to cuisine for lunch/brunch, I would definitely suggest checking out one of the ethnic options in the area. Can't go wrong with the Indian/Asian fare... Keum Ho Jung and Chung Sol Bat started doing weekend lunch specials that are really good...I guess to compete with HMart. It's a wonderful thing.

            Of course you can't go wrong with Dim Sum or an Indian lunch buffet coma.

            1. re: joonjoon

              What kind of weekend specials do they have?

              1. re: chuck98

                Most of the specials are Meat/Fish and Soup for 15 bucks or so. CSB has gye jang (marinated raw crab crab) which I'm an absolute sucker for.

          2. Given that you are coming from Philadelphia, you will find the non-Chinese, non-Indian food in Edison to be relatively mediocre. You could try Wonder Seafood on Route 27. Its known for its Dim Sum. Otherwise I would recommend eating in New Brunswick.