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Apr 4, 2014 04:17 PM

Faith & Flower - anyone been yet?

I'm headed there tomorrow night - curious if anyone's been and the do's and don'ts, if any?

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  1. bump. still very little feedback from non friends/family, etc.

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      1. re: TonyC

        Completely horrendous except for cocktails (the milk punch that was winning all of the awards deserves them).

        Anyone who loves food should avoid eating there at all costs.

        They must have spent too much on their PR team, interior decorator, and bartenders and run out of money to spend on the kitchen.

      2. Another blank and blank restaurant

        1. I went Saturday evening. Loved it. Great cocktail menu, and food to match. Sophisticated and sexy vibe. Surprisingly affordable - not cheap, but more than reasonable given the quality and originaiity of the food. Definite recommend.

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          1. re: TruffleScout

            YAY! Great to hear. I'm having a quaint 30th birthday dinner there on May 1st! Please advise any recommended dishes if you have time :)

          2. I just wanted to report that I went here the other night and the food and service was truly terrible. We ordered six dishes and only one of them was decent--a kanpachi ceviche no different than the other thirty places offering kanpachi ceviches. But the ensuing dishes were horrendous.

            Shrimp and grits did not work--served over a strong sourdough that dominated the dish.
            Duck liver mousse tarts-- the liver was fine, the tart was stale bread.
            Oxtail agnolotti was some strange mix of Asian and Italian. The sauce was molasses like and way too sweet.

            Thick cut wheat noodles were not offensive. This was a dish that I'm sure can be found in tons of SGV places, but here, the tastes were dumbed down for a western palate. That seems to be a nice theme of the restaurant. They serve food that non adventurous eaters would find very adventurous.

            And finally we have the carnitas pizza. First off, it's more of a flatbread than a pizza. It was like some CPK special, but at least CPK has some consistency. The Faith and Flower monstrosity was all creme fraiche and dry pork.

            Ugh, curious what other people think of this place, but it was seriously my most disappointing meal in LA in six months or so.

            On a side note, their cocktails are really good.

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            1. re: set0312

              cocktails are really good.
              and the desserts.

              1. re: TonyC

                Honestly they looked really good but I couldn't bring myself to give them more money for food.

              2. re: set0312

                Thanks for the heads up. I'll go there just to get my drinks on...

                1. re: set0312

                  Thanks for the report. We have been debating to try either Faith & Flower or Tar & Roses later this month, as we have tried neither. Looks like we are going to SaMo for sure.

                  1. re: djquinnc

                    That's a good comparison. I'd say Tar & Roses is slightly the better of the two restaurants, though it's nothing special in my opinion.

                    I don't agree with the comment above that the food at Faith & Flower is "terrible." I think the food is generally enjoyable. That said, I've only had two of the dishes he mentioned, and I agree on both dishes. I agree that the kanpachi is decent but typical. And I agree that the shrimp and grits is terrible. I don't understand how that slop has stayed on the menu. It's an atrocity both in concept (grits on bread???) and execution (bread tastes stale).

                    1. re: F_ckTheFDA

                      Ya I'm sure I ordered "wrong" if you will. The rest of the food simply cannot be as bad as what I had. (I'm not being sarcastic.) I also went right as the kitchen was closing so maybe that somehow contributed.

                      Regardless, I won't be back.

                      1. re: F_ckTheFDA

                        Reporting back on our Tar and Roses experience. The consensus of the table was that it was a good meal, but that we are in no big rush to return. Quite good small plates, but lacked the refinement or the "pop" of Gjelina or Bestia, to attempt to make a comparison. Having said that, we had some of the best, attentive service I've experienced in a very long time. Our server (I believe her name was Jennifer), was exceptional.

                        One of my dining companions coincidently had a recent dining experience at Faith and Flower. Reported that the décor was great, but that the food at Tar and Roses was superior in comparison.

                      2. re: djquinnc

                        The two are not comparable in any way. The food is, as set0312 said, atrocious at Faith and Flower. The food at Tar & Roses is, on the other hand, quite good. Tar & Roses is, perhaps, essentially just well done New American, and could possibly be considered "boring" by adventurous diners, but the level of execution is very high. The same cannot be said of Faith and Flower, where the execution of the food is horrible. Literally on that level of "I feel very bad having to pay money for this caliber of food".

                        The cocktails however, are indeed fantastic. I am not sure I have ever seen such a disparity in cocktails versus food before, so at least they have that novelty I suppose.

                        1. re: WilliamBeckett

                          Agree with Beckett and I shall always iterate how miserable my Faith and Flower experience was. Ugh

                      3. re: set0312

                        Couldn't agree more re the food. Everything we had (2 of us and 5 plates) was either just ok or poorer. The drinks were tasty, but very short pours for the money. Couldn't understand why the place was packed (on a Sunday night)! We definitely will not return. It seems like downtown restaurants are for the most part lots of hype, and truly terrific restaurants (food, service and ambiance) are not easily found!

                        1. re: josephnl

                          I'm glad you agreed. I hope I wasn't misleading people with my post but I truly thought the food was very poor!

                          In downtown, I like Bestia, GCM, Factory Kitchen, Wurstkuche, and Wood Spoon. Everything else to me is more hype than substance.

                          1. re: set0312

                            If you want all, service and ambiance (pleasant and conversation friendly), it still seems that the picks are very few. Which restaurants would qualify, do you think?

                            1. re: josephnl

                              Quite honestly none. I actually really do like the ambiance of Wood Spoon when it's not too crowded. It really can feel like a local neighborhood spot you visit once a week. The space itself is not spectacular, but it's quaint enough.

                              Literally never had decent atmosphere at Bestia or Factory Kitchen.

                              1. re: set0312

                                Totally agree. When we were last at Bestia the noise and overall chaos were such that the food became irrelevant...we couldn't wait to get out!

                                Will have to look at Wood Spoon!

                              2. re: josephnl

                                Redbird would fit that criteria. The food may not be mind-blowing exactly, but I think most people would find it very, very good. Service is top notch, and the atmosphere is always quite pleasant.

                                I would also say Ledlow.

                                I guess that depends upon if you are a Centeno fan though, which I gather almost no one on these boards is from digging around the history.

                                1. re: WilliamBeckett

                                  Agree completely. For terrific food downtown with pleasant ambiance it's tough to beat Redbird.

                                  1. re: WilliamBeckett

                                    Centeno is unusually mercurial for such a top chef. His bad dishes are really bad. His heights, worthy of admiration. I still maintain Bar Ama to be the best of his current renditions.

                          2. Retirement luncheon for a coworker...8 of us, so we were able to share a few choices along with our entrees. Mustard seed and hops seasonal pickles were a disappointing cauliflower with pickled red onion- no distinctive mustard seed or even a hint of hops flavor. Fennel and citrus salad w/ more slivers of red onion, and the arugula and chicory salad w/manchego cheese, and, oh look..slivered red onion -all okay but nothing exciting about either and enough with the red onion. Blue lake beans were fresh and dressed w soy sauce and bay shrimp gremolata- alas, the soy sauce prevailed and if there was shrimp gremolata I'll need better evidence than what I had.
                            Steelhead got some thumbs up, along w jidori chicken, and a roast pork loin sandwich. My rock shrimp roll-shrimp were perfect and plentiful, but the roll was a bread slice folded and soggy and the whole thing lacked pizazz despite the schmeer of red pepper paste and the pickled red onion...yep, that red onion has job security at F&F. Cookies were great. Overall, décor is nice, plating is pretty, but the food is not particular worthy of another try. Must admit the bar area looked inviting.
                            Too bad on the food, cuz all of it looked so good on paper.

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                            1. re: Local

                              A small part of me feels better to not be the only one deceived by a good looking menu and a beautiful space. But Local, I am sorry your meal was not great. Let your meal be further warning to hounds.