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Apr 4, 2014 03:08 PM

early bird offers

Are there very many places in the City that offers early bird dining?

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  1. perhaps I should explain why I am looking for early dining choices. I am a recent transplant patient and as such I don't have much stamina to walk through the Quarter. I'm going to require a cab to take my wife and I to a decent place to eat. So, that's why my previous post. Not that I'm a cheapskate looking to dine.

    1. Where are you staying? There may be good places within a block.

      Many good places in the FQ start dinner at 6 and reservations can be easy. However with FQ Fest this won't be a typical week.

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      1. re: collardman

        Thanks, collardman, (love the screen name.) I don't know why my explanation of why I;m looking for early dining options, but I am a recent transplant patient and I just don't have the strength or stamina to walk through the FQ like I used to do when I did. So I;m looking for places that can be easily reached by taxi before the streets get too crowded.
        Thanks, again.

      2. Please let us know where you are staying and that will facilitate suggestions. The FQ and CBD now have pedicab service, so that might help.

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          TaTee: Love the pedicabs. Really the way to go on a fine evening around FQ or CBD.

          OP: there are so many great "Happy Hour" small plate offerings in CBD & FQ that - unless you are really set on a full, formal dinner -- it is pretty easy to get a great meal anytime after 4 pm.

          26 more days and I will be there!