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Apr 4, 2014 02:40 PM

Where can I get the best Chirashi?

I LOVE Chirachi!
I like my chirachi bowl to have something more than usual boring salmon and tuna with eggs. In fact the best Chirachi I had were served without those two fish. Which Japanese restaurant serves best Chirachi?

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  1. Sorry to butt in — I have zero info about sushi in NYC — but I thought you might like to know it's "chirashi", not "chirachi".ちらし寿司

    1. What's your budget? There's a wide range of places that serve this.....

      1. Good question...and I don't know but I would think all of the good sushi restaurants, that also offer chirashi, would be on par. I just Yelped chrisashi and saw some interesting threads. Also, here is an OLD one on Chowhound -

        1. Sushiden is best in terms of quality/quantity. And maybe wins the "best presentation" category for Chirashi.

          Sushi of Gari also makes a very good Chirashi, but for the same type of presentation you get at Sushiden, it's like $5 more.

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            I can count the number of Chirashis I've had in Manhattan on one finger. But that was one heck of a tasty bowl @ The Lobster Place. Not the one from the takeout menu, but from the counter. Other than a soggy flavorless piece of octopus everything was fresh and plentiful

            1. re: Ziggy41

              Interesting, thanks for the heads up.

              But what really intrigues me on their menu is not so much the sushi selection but that Ipswich Belly Roll. Have you tried their sandwich offerings?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                Just their more expensive lobster roll at Cull and Pistol next door. Agree they have a nice sandwich selection (Oyster Po’ Boy!). Just cant get excited bout fried clams tho. Even in the famed clam shack in kennebunkport I preferred the lobster roll

          2. hatsuhana chirashi special