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Apr 4, 2014 02:32 PM

spiced rum

anyone know any good spiced rums for around 20 bucks ive had captain morgan,sailor jerry and kraken before

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  1. Brinley's shipwreck, Seven Tiki, Foursquare, El Dorado.

    I like The Lash a lot but it is very intense and has a lot of cloves, not everyone's taste.

    There are a couple over $30 I've heard very good things about but have never tried.

    Here is a decent comparison.

    1. I think El Dorado is the best of the spiced rums by far. Montecristo is really good as well.

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      1. re: JMF

        Have you ever tried shellback? I haven't tried it, but have heard good things about it for the price.

        1. re: TroyTempest

          I don't think that Shellback is on the same level as the El Dorado, which is a demerara rum from Guyana. Shellback a simpler, less complex rum with a heavy vanilla note, made by West Indies Rum Distillery on Barbados.

        2. re: JMF

          I'm a big fan of Old New Orleans. But next time I see ED I'll grab it.

          Have about 10 bottles of garbage, including a lot of the newer offerings (Kilo Kai, Kraken, Cruzan). I've been thinking of trying to hide them in a big batch of clarified milk punch.

          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            Kilo Kai gets a bad rap, but I don't think it is nearly as bad as some say. Not saying it is great by any means, or even good - but I would hardly call it "utterly horrible" as the reviewer I linked above said.:Perhaps overly sweet and a little cough syrupy, but innocuous and easy to drink. I guess the deal I got might have made it more palatable - $17 for a handle, which is usually the price for a 750.

            It has been a while since I have had it, but it was something I liked to break out when I had already had some good stuff, my palate was wrecked, and I wanted something easy to drink and cheap to continue whatever buzz I might have had going.

            The only spiced rum I have had that I would call "utterly horrible" (not made by Captain Morgan) is the Kirkland's brand I got from Costco for $15 a handle. The spices taste cheap, and it has a really bitter aftertaste. I bought it on good faith since I quite like their Bourbon and tequila. I feel like I need to buy a case of coke to get rid of this crap.

            1. re: ncyankee101

              Yeah, I wouldn't call any of the ones I listed utterly horrible. Just not good enough to bother with. Buzz or no :-)

              I do have one that I'd put into the horrible category, Spiced Jack #94. It's completely harsh, unbalanced, and undrinkable. I don't recall whether I poured it down the drain or not, but if not it's been sitting at the back of my cabinet for a few years; I never bothered with a second taste.

        3. Jack,

          Any interest in infusing your own? If so, I'll rustle up the recipe I use.

          It's from either the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, forget which.

          My wife and I now prefer it to any commercially available product.