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Apr 4, 2014 01:36 PM

Lahori Chilli and Sweets, Coney Is. Ave...

Coney Island Ave, Flatbush,

In my explorations of the Kavkazian and Caucasus communities in and around the Boroughs, I am often brushing up against one of the many Bangladesh-Pakistani-Begal communities.

Lahori Chilli and Sweets was something that had a greater gravity pull on me then other venues in the area.

I have to say, that unlike the venues of similar on Lexington around 25, this offers a price per dish that is as kind to your wallet as the food is to your taste buds.

I had a plate (see photo) with extra-cut fresh raw chilli, and made to order bread, for 5 dollars.

The food prepared in the kitchen and set in heat trays, looks all incredibly appetizing, and any of the choices I was certain would serve my needs for an excellent experience, that excels beyond the trite and banality of our day to day American- Continental fare.

It was as uplifting as entering Nirvana after decades of strict yoga practice, or decades cloistered Catholic prayer, such the nirvana lasting for some time as I made my way to Church.

Yes, I went to Church Ave, and entered Church, for two delicious beers, from tap, in an ambiance that distilled the stellar experience of Lahori Chilli and Sweets.


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  1. The Church Cafe, Church Ave

    Spanish cuisine, a most splendid comfortable atmosphere, and about five taps to satisfy most.

    I first had the tap Peroni, and second the Weihenstephaner dark tapped and served in such a professional, yet humble manner.

    This cafe, I am sure is a recommend awaiting many.

    1. What are the peppers sitting atop? Also, did you happen to notice if gunpowder was on the menu?

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      1. re: BuildingMyBento

        I dont think a pakistani place would normally feature gunpowder podi, which is a south indian thing

        1. re: jen kalb

          The pile was some sort of ground meat product, with peas mixed in along with the seasonings or spices. It was heavenly.

          1. re: jonkyo

            Haleem? That's one of my faves. When it's good, it's great!

            1. re: missmasala

              if there are peas mixed in, I tend to think it's Keema. Haleem tends to be smoother, without veggie "intrusion," in my experience.

              but I agree about haleem. there are a couple of places in Jackson heights that serve a good one -- I like Kabab King, though not much else on the menu does it for me.

              1. re: debinqueens

                I agree with Deb, that looks like keema - which is made with fried ground meat - rather than haleem in which the meat is cooked down till it basically disintegrates. Havent had haleem since the mina days but hers was atypical..

                1. re: jen kalb

                  I would use an adjective to name it.

                  Since I am not accustomed to the language it is best in this way.

                  Though google image does shed light on this argument.

                  The one just above this text.

                  Thank you for the terminologies, and codifications for this and the other dish.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Yes, it looks more like keema than haleem, though not like any keema I've ever seen or made.
                    Haleem is a real treat for me, as I don't make it and no one else in my family likes it, so we tend not to get it when we all go out. So I can only get it from those storefronts as part of a plate lunch or dinner.

        2. I haven't tried this place but live in the area. We usually go to Pakiza, which is a bit further south on Coney Island Ave. near Foster, or Madina which is a bit north at Beverley Rd. They are all cheap and all have good bread (the roti at Pakiza is great, and at Madina we like the naan). I can recommend especially the haleem and dals at Pakiza. Madina is usually good for veg especially okra, and I like their chicken curries. Also at Madina they have good mango lassi and freshly made almond milk. Next time you are in the area, maybe you want to try a different spot and let us know how they compare.