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Apr 4, 2014 11:32 AM

Anywhere for good, legit Japanese style Ramen?

I'm taking lots of umami. And runny yolk eggs.

Not the stuff you buy in the dry package at the store.

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    1. re: davis_sq_pro

      I just looked at those results, and they are singularly unhelpful. Most of them appear to mention ramen only in passing.

      koalb, there are a few ramen places around - Yume Wo Katare and Sapporo in Porter Square, Inaka and Pikaichi in Allston, to mention just a few. Not sure about those runny yolk eggs, though - the seasoned eggs I've had in my ramen were all almost but not quite hard-cooked, definitely not runny.

    2. Japanese style ramen is like saying American style BBQ...there are many different styles.that being said, I like the spicy miso at Sapporo....

      1. Yume O Katare has ramen that you would actually find in Japan. It's Jiro style, though, which is more recent, and you won't get the "orthodox" toppings like naruto, nori, soft-yolk egg, etc. They give you a ton of bean sprouts, minced raw garlic, and slabs of tender, fatty, roast pork on extra thick noodles in very rich, porky, umami-saturated broth.

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        1. re: Edokko

          The Ramen Jiro Mita honten first opened in 1968, that's not really recent

          1. re: Luther

            It's relative. Ramen dates back to 1910 in Tokyo.

        2. If you are willing to overlook 'authentic' for euphoric- I would urge you to eat Philip Tang's amazing Smoked Pork Ramen at East by Northeast on Wednesday nights.