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Apr 4, 2014 10:47 AM


Have a soccer tourney this weekend in Moorpark and wondering if there are any gems in the area...will have a bunch of 10 year old boys, too, so nothing too extreme.


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    1. For the kids I suggest In 'N Out as a great after tournament meal. 856 New LA Ave

      There is a very small but fantastic Italian Bakery called Cararras at 476 New LA Ave with unreal goodies at great prices. This place is a serious find. Don't be fooled by the small amounts in the display case. Everything is in back and they get it for you. Take home is a must!
      805) 552-4250

      1. Gems? For 10 year old boys?

        I agree with Simihound; In 'n out is popular with the teams. Also Carrarra's now has homemade gelato in addition to the pastries. And pizza places suitable for soccer teams are Lamppost, Round Table and Me n Eds.

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          Gelato? One more reason to go to Carrarra's. Thanks.

        2. A couple of great places would be Custom Melts

          And a few doors down from there is Custom Pie (Pizza
          Absolutely terrific food. I've only tried the Custom Melts sandwich place and it was awesome.
          Side bonus: They serve intelligentsia Coffee there.

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            Custom Melts may be a bit expensive for a team chow.