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Apr 4, 2014 09:50 AM

Hominy in Vancouver?

I'm always amazed by how hard it is to find canned hominy in Vancouver. Every supermarket will have a Mexican section full of can goods, but no hominy. I've found a couple sources, like the store at Commercial & 14(?). At some point I saw a store that carried not the large cans but a soup can size can of hominy. Any saw this or have any sources close to Main Street?

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  1. Famous Foods on Kingsway should have it:

    Chain supermarket "ethnic" aisles are about as genuine as the average mall's United Nations food court.

    But Whole Foods could have it.

    1. yes - I make a cheater recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor recipe book - the one she wrote called "dinner doctor" - and it's impossible to get canned hominy up here in BC Canada ---- I bring it over the border because it and Maseca specifically for tamales etc are in most supermarkets just south of the 49th. (parallel, that is ---- not ave/st)

      where's your next million business concept Bellingham cross-border person, LR ; ) ?

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        I've seen large cans of Hominy but can't remember where-will give this some thought.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          I am pretty sure I saw it in that discount supermarket just NORTH of Bellisfair Mall (ie north on the Guide Meridian road that connects to the border) ---- it is a non-descript discount type of place (EDIT to add - I think this place closed last fall - Cost Cutter / Pavillion? - little wonder - anyway - don't quote me but i THINK it's closed from what I see on Internet website)

          I would imagine it's also in that big Safeway in Lyndon.

          that said - I can also buy it at the Safeway in fairly upscale Lake Oswego OR (just south of Portland - near the Trader Joes on Kruse Way just off I-5) ---- and also over in the Red Apple market (I think that's the branding) - over in somewhat upscale touristy Winthrop WA)

          yes, puzzling we don't have this in Canada. Then again, our Usa relatives friends don't understand Marmite and don't get those toy egg candies that we have at LD here. Kindereggs ; )

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            AFAIK that Cost Cutter is still open. It's prolly the Rite-Aid that you saw closed, actually moved further south on SR543 at the SW corner of Boblett.

            You go to Lake Oswego much ? We stayed at the only hotel there (Lakeshore Inn) once and enjoyed the town. I spent my share of time at St. Honore Bakery to ward off the miserable rain and wind we had that particular week there:


            1. re: LotusRapper

              yes - have lived in the old downtown part of Lake O.
              yes - the ONE hotel on the train tracks ; )

              Peets Coffee nearby - and -
              Sur la Table for gadgets that we all buy - and ... use? ; )

              lots of cute little shops

              and the consistently worst safeway for service (tho it is usually nice and clean) in the universe - tho mind you, you can just catch the bus straight downtown from next to Safeway which is handy (it ends up eventually near the big old Amtrak Union train station - route #35)

              the Albertsons over just beyond the Lakeshore Motor Inn has very pleasant service. A good source for "only in USA" products - like - apparently - the elusive HOMINY of this thread. (check out Tuesday Morning near Albertsons for discount plates and other non-food gift-baskety type of stuff.)

              and a good farmer market in the public square - near Peets.

              I like New Seasons Market over by the Columbia sportswear outlet - that's interesting shopping for those of us from Canada.

              and of course, the TJ's over on Kruse Way. (off I-5)

        2. re: Georgia Strait

          Not impossible I've seen it a few places. But I agree the weird thing is that it is EVERYWHERE in the USA... wierd.

          1. re: Georgia Strait

            "where's your next million business concept Bellingham cross-border person, LR ; ) ?"

            Shhhh, don't spill our secret ! ;-)

          2. No idea for Main Street, but for Commercial Drive, that Latin American/Indian shop sells cans of the stuff on Commercial between 1st and 2nd. I'm also pretty sure I've seen cans of the stuff at Triple A, the green grocer on Commercial and 1st next to Liberty Wine Merchants.

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            1. re: Florentine

              Not near Main but Fresh is Best on West Broadway carries the large format cans. Completely awesome in this dish: especially if you top it with fried prawns. Works equally well with half and half...

              1. re: grayelf

                I was going to suggest Fresh is Best as well.
                Also maybe South China Seas Trading?

                1. re: grayelf

                  OK it was the old Fresh is Best location where I saw those cans-haven't visited the new one yet.

              2. You can DEFINITELY get canned hominy at Community Food Co-op at Community Food Co-op in B'ham, either the downtown store or one in Cordata 'hood.


                1. if anyone goes up to a cottage on the Sunshine Coast (Gibsons, Sechelt, Pender Harbour etc) - last wkd, I noticed a nice display of Goya products at the good old Claytons supermarket in Sechelt. (it's a longtime family-owned market) ---- canned hominy on display, canned tomatillos etc ----- I don't know where they source (they have many unique products in their supermarket) - but here's the Goya website - see the hominy on this page -