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Apr 4, 2014 09:31 AM

Best Steak House in Boston

Hey... what is your favorite steak house in Boston? Abe & Louie's? Morton's? Ruth Chris? Hubby is turning 40 and this is his request!

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Abe & Louis & Grill 23 are the tops for steaks & martinis. Mooo, Capital Grill & Boston Chops are good. Smith & Wollensky & Ruth's Chris, not so much. Can't speak to Morton's.

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        Been a lot of good word on Bogie's place inside JM Curley, too, IIRC.

      2. Abe and Louie's jumped the shark awile ago. I used to recommend it but now I absolutely would not. I also wouldn't recommend smith and Wollensky, Morton's or Capitol Grill. I think the chains usually are overpriced and don't give you value for that.

        I like Grill 23 and Boston Chops, esp the latter.

        1. Bogie's Place (inside JM Curley) is my favorite, due to the food, and the size, only 17 seats or so. I also enjoy Boston Chops. Bogie's also has the best wedge salad I've ever tasted.

          1. For this special occasion, I'd recommend Del Friscos on the waterfront. It has a great view. I've had several meals here, the food has always been really good, the service is a mystery, sometimes ok, other times not too good, forgetting my salad, the offering to pack it to go! Really, salad does not travel well! Spilling 1/3 of my martini, just apologizing until I said, please make me another.....
            This all happened at the same visit, we were a large group but still. Perhaps it would be better if it's just two of you.