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Apr 4, 2014 09:07 AM

Help with an Old Restaurant Name in Downtown Hartford

I believe that it was called Schwaab's or Schwab's. It would have been open in the 70's. It was a high end restaurant catering to the Jewish community. Not a deli. I'm not sure if it was Kosher or not. Anyone?

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  1. sure you don't mean Schweller's?

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    1. re: bagelman01

      That doesn't ring a bell. Got a link?

    2. Was it Scholler's on Farmington Ave, near Aetna? (Not sure if I have the spelling right.)

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      1. re: Lee Gordon

        First on farmington then later at bishop's corner.
        Gotta be the place. Chopped liver sandwiches served by waiters in tuxedos. I don't think is was kosher because I seem to remember having baked stuffed shrimp there in the early 80s. You can still see the sign for the place on farmington.

        1. re: Lee Gordon

          Scholler's was the restaurant I was thinking of when I typed Schweller's. It has been so many years, and as I only had been there with my Ex, I've blotted it out from my clear memory.
          IIRC the Farmington Ave location had pink/salmon colored walls.

          1. re: bagelman01

            Was it "Scholler's", or "Scoler's"? Somehow "Scoler's" sticks in my mind.

            1. re: FarFar

              I just went on line to check out a Hartford area historical website and confirmed that it was, indeed, "Scoler's".

              1. re: FarFar

                wasn't there enough times for the spelling to have stick in my head. and as my in-laws were refugees from Germany and Austria, wthere English pronounciation was not exact.
                I remember that I thought it was comparable to Sib's in the Connecticut Post Center, Milford in the 60s and early 70s

                1. re: bagelman01

                  Without you jogging my memory like that, I wouldn't have gotten even as close as you did.

                  1. re: FarFar

                    Bagel and I were from the same area and attended the same college, although I didn't have the privilege of meeting him until last summer, at Pepe's in New Haven. His recollection of the past is astounding!

            2. re: Lee Gordon

              That's it! Thank you so much! Where did I get Schwab's from? Lol