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Apr 4, 2014 06:30 AM

Taberna de Haro, awesomer than ever!

Hadn't been since they expanded to the space next door, and now they've installed a gin bar, with a bar manager poached from Drink!! I didn't get his name but he was quite charming. I had their version of a Negroni, with No. 3 Gin and made with Aperol, I think, instead of Campari. Really, really good.
Loved the food as well, as always. Those croquettas!!

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  1. I was going to shoot out a new thread but this one is pretty new.

    The new bar at Taberna is pretty cool. It's called Straight Law and, like OP said, it's gin-focused with two staff who spent time at Drink. I like the notion of a named bar in a restaurant - it's very Manhattan. Some might dislike it as it's "been done" but anytime I see better cocktails coming to places closer to my apartment I'm happy.

    That said, I still find the food here to be less-than-great and it's pretty expensive. Service can be really poor, too. Barcelona is better in most every respect...except for maybe the bar!

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      Thanks for the reminder. It is now on my June dining out list.


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        I'm only n=1 at Barcelona, but we enjoyed it last winter and I remember the foie gras being particularly generous and tasty. I think a number of CHs looked down their noses at it but we were pleased, and service was excellent. Busy busy place, but welcoming and worth at least a visit. Oh yes, you mentioned the bar.
        When i sampled the requested taste of red sangria and grimaced my "too sweet!" grimace, they said they'd get it fixed, and, sure enough, they did!

        QB, what about Tasca?Couldn't find any recent CH reviews and it was/is in the WGBH Auction, so I wondered....

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          So, Tasca is "fine" in that the food is moderately well-prepared and service is hit and miss. Wine list stinks, for the most part, and I've had some real doozies come out of that kitchen (raw shrimp, cooked-to-death lamb) but I've had good dishes, too. Nothing has ever made me go "WOW."

          You might ask why I went to many times if I was never that happy? Well, that's the magic of Tasca. It's CHEAP, right on the B-line, and a huge BC/BU spot for undergrad and grad students (I went with friends often).

          1. re: QuakerInBoston

            I'd recommend Estragon if you're looking for affordable and delicious Spanish food!

      2. It was set up by two bartenders who worked at Drink but it's really only of them, Sean Sullivan, who works there. He does all 6 nights per week that they're open.

        The drinks are very tapas style. $8 for a smaller sized cocktail that is equivalent (per ounce) or just as big $12 cocktail served at Drink or elsewhere. The atmosphere is very un-Boston like (save for being able to see Duncan Donuts in the distance out the front window).

        Definitely a great date spot. Plus you can order the complete menu at the bar!

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          I have to say, Duncan Donuts sounds a lot classier. Scottish donuts: the next big thing?

          1. re: yarm

            So Will is not working there? I thought that was his new gig.

            1. re: Alcachofa

              Will is mostly in NYC these days. I have a hard time keeping up with everything he was or is doing (including when he was in Boston in the post-Drink era and was working Brick & Mortar, No. 9 Park, Lone Star, Deep Ellum, and elsewhere all throughout the week besides repping tequila and mezcals which he still does).


              1. re: Alcachofa

                Will is helping Ted Kilpatrick from No.9 w/the Rooftop at Park South, said he'd be there for the summer at least.