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Apr 4, 2014 05:55 AM

Shad 2014

Any restaurants serving it?

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  1. Don't know about restaurants, but I did see it at Ippolito's a week or two ago. If you don't want to cook it, they will prepare it for you too.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      and it was delicious (although I cooked it myself)

      1. re: Bigley9

        They had shad about a month ago at Oyster House.

    2. This is my favourite fish, started when around 10 YO. l only cook it myself as l do not like filets. l want the roe first, then the whole fish which l do not filet but slowly , agonisingly slowly eat around the zillions of bone.
      Generally get it at RTM or Ardmore at John Yi, 3-4 dollars a pound.
      For me as good as fish can be.

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Can't argue with you there delucas. Yum! Could go for some roe right now. I try to cook the roe gently so the delicate flavor does not get bullied by bacon or something else way too harsh.

          1. re: Bigley9

            $12.99/lb for the fillets and the roe at the Cherry Hill Wegmans today. I should have bought some, but forgot. My grandmother LOVED the roe.

            1. re: Boognish

              As did my mom Boognish. I wonder if the montgomeryville Wegmans has it. I remember when the shad festival in Lambertville was amazing. The fisherman's club offered a shad dinner with advance ticket sales. /swoon

          2. re: Delucacheesemonger

            DCM - You need not eat around the zillions of bones. By wrapping tightly in foil with thinly sliced onion or shallot, butter, chopped parsley and generous grinds of salt and pepper, and put in a 275-degree oven for five hours the wee bones miraculously melt and you can eat all.

            Mom and dad loved shad and we'd wait until March to have a dinner of slow baked shad accompanied by broiled shad roe wrapped in bacon and new asparagus with mom's fresh Hollandaise. Oh, and her potatoes Au Gratin with Gruyere. That's what spring memories are made of.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              That is indeed true, but l like mine less cooked and prefer to screw with the bones due to my old habits.

              1. re: Chefpaulo

                That sounds lovely CP! Now I'm hungry. I want to run out and make that exact meal, shad and roe. Well except for the bacon part. Too assertive. Still miss eating shad on the picnic tables along the delaware at the fisherman's club when the trees are budded and a whisper away from leafing out.

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  I'm with your on the Shad Fest, Carbs. It used to be a seasonal pilgrimage. However, last year was such a bust (Jen and I got there too late to get a shad taco as they were out at 2:00 p.m.) and there was NO other shad to be found in town. Lots of funnel cakes, franks, lemonade and burgers but the star had left the house.

                  As for the bacon wrap, we just did it as an accent rather than an encasement. .We'd split the bacon lengthwise and wrap a half strip around the roe set. It adds a nice embellishment without being a bacon edict.

                  And DCM, try the slow bake at least once. It really works. The bones just disappear and you are left with moist, succulent shad.

                  1. re: Chefpaulo

                    I agree with you,.... the most shad can be found on the poster for the fest. The shad itself is an after thought. It has turned into the communities rite of spring, but ignoring the fact that it used to celebrate going into the Delaware and catching the fish.

                    But that area is such a big tourist area, it almost doesnt matter.. they could name it roadkill fest and people would still come..

                    1. re: cwdonald

                      There was a Shadfest in Fishtown for a few years, but that too became simply a spring festival (and they renamed it).

            2. All right, already -- we went to Ippolito's! Expertly filleted. DW baked it at home. Delicious. Didn't get roe, though they had some.
              P.S.: Roy-Ann in Sellersville said they had had shad last weekend; future prospects uncertain. Not currently on the menu at R&S Keystone in Telford. Snockey's in S. Phila. had it Friday, from Ippolito's/Samuels I'd guess.

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              1. re: kb612

                Darn thanks for the info kb. Was thinking of trying the R and S. I missed out on their ground cherry pie last year too.

              2. I saw it yesterday at the Flourtown farmers market.

                1. any sightings in South Florida?