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Apr 4, 2014 05:37 AM

Evans Deli Food Truck

I love good Jewish deli and was excited to read that Evans and Bens Kosher are coming to Boston. My experience with Bens goes way back, and I always enjoyed them.

Tried Evans at Dewey Sq. The other day. Had a pastrami on light rye /mustard And a beef knish. Not a bad sandwich but won't be replacing Sam LaGrassa in my go to place. Knish was poor and wouldn't try again.

Again, this was not a bad sandwich, and if SLG wasn't around I'd go back.

My office is equidistant from Evans and SLG and Evans. If I worked closer to Evans, I'd give them another shot...and they do offer a bagel, cream cheerse, lox for breakfast that I'd give arty.

I got there early and the line quickly backed up behind me. I can chalk that up to greater than anticipated crowds in their I opening days and I suspect they'll resolve that prob soon, but for now, I rec fretting there at 11:30.

A side dish from M&M in Liberty Sq of macn cheese made a nice side dish for dinner.

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  1. "and they do offer a bagel, cream cheerse, lox for breakfast that I'd give arty."

    Lucky Arty!

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    1. All kidding aside, I tried them out today, and was pretty happy with my sandwich. I got the pastrami on white rye with mustard and cheese (american, sue me, I like that stuff), the full size. While kind of pricey (well sort of, most good delis price at this point, $9.50 or so, just pricey for a sandwich overall) and thought it was quite good. The pastrami wasn't the red kind, but brownish grey and fatty, sliced thinly and soft and flavorful....really quite nice. And lastly, the pickle, which was a half sour I believe, was about the best of that breed I have had, and can still taste the seawater saltiness with the slightly bitter and thirst quenching watery-ness (is that a word? I don't think so) of the cucumber. a refreshing palate cleanser post fat fest.

      1. I'll rolled up slightly before 11:30 today. Ordered the Evan's Special (roast beef, brisket, horseradish sauce). After 5 minutes was informed they didn't have roast beef. Probably something they should have known sooner, but no big deal. Switched to the corned beef reuben. There were lots of folks shaking their heads at the disorganization of how orders get taken. I'll chalk this up to them still working out the kinks at the moment. The current system was not good before noon. I can't imagine what it looks like around 12:30.

        On to the food... It was a pretty standard reuben with corned beef, sauerkraut and russian dressing on dark rye that was slightly toasted. It was a very solid sandwich. I did have a little sticker shock at the price (over $11 after tax). There was a good bit of corned beef on the sandwich for sure. I almost would prefer a little less corned beef and more sauerkraut. It just feels a little steep for a weekday lunch. Unlike 9lives, I'm not very close to Sam LaGrassa. I'll probably give them another shot in a few weeks, but was not wowed with my first visit.

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        1. re: mkfisher

          sadly, that's the going rate for that style of sandwich at places that call themselves a proper deli. I don't think it's much of a value either, but it is the going rate. In the case of the pastrami, at least it tasted like a person smoked it and steamed it, maybe not the case mind you, but it did not come off as factory pastrami if you know what I mean.

          1. re: devilham

            Totally understand the price. Seems totally worth it to me at a place like Moody's. Just don't see the value in a sandwich that's not quite as good when is can just as easily go to Bon Me and get something equally good for $6

          2. re: mkfisher

            I live in Marblehead an do go to Evan's on occasion. Evan and his staff have no idea how to take and execute an order, so I can't imagine it would be any better in close quarters on a truck.

            Additionally, he just doesn't give a rat's behind if there's a line, either. I believe he thinks his orneriness is part of the charm of the place.

            1. re: 11earl

              Evan was taking orders and was very friendly. Not ornery at all. Just poorly organized.

              1. re: mkfisher

                Very good! If the attitude is better, then perhaps the organization will be improved as well.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  I found him a bit brusque, but in that no-nonsense, just the facts kind of way...which I kind of like