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Apr 3, 2014 07:02 PM

nonsmoothie nonmilk bubble tea in northern VA?

I used to go to tea houses in college that would make bubble tea - not just milk-based and smoothie-style- but also iced tea with flavoring or even hot tea with flavoring. I've been trying to search for boba, but it seems that all the places use the milk tea powders and not actual tea. Does anyone know of a tea house in Northern VA (preferably near Fairfax) that does bubble tea, or any other place that has the option?

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  1. A&J in Annandale has a limited number of flavors, mostly fruit, without milk. Their bubbles are of much better than average quality, being neither oversoft nor too tough. I think they do not use powders.

    In addition, there is a new bubble tea shop in the Eden Center with a huge variety of flavors. It is in the corner near the fountain. They had quite a few tea variations.

    1. Not the right locations, but
      Shanghai Tea House in Glover Park used to use real tea, but I haven't been there in ages.
      Ten Ren's Tea Time in College Park is also a serious place, I bet they would have what you're looking for.

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