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Apr 3, 2014 06:51 PM

I'll tell my friends you picked the restaurant

Hello, I've been a frequent reader of this board for years, but rarely, if ever, have I posted. I sure could use a little advice, so here goes! I go to Las Vegas about three times per year. I love to plan for a mix of favorites and new experiences and to introduce friends and family to great restaurants. They expect a good meal when I take them. The pressure is on! I have a Friday night coming up where I'd like to try someplace new with my husband and one other couple, on the strip. While é would be my first choice for a fanciful new experience, this is not the moment to spend quite that much (knowing that, I made no effort to reserve). Lower-$$$$ is OK. I've been to a mix of places, including Atelier de Robuchon, Twist, CUT, Sage, Milos, Jaleo, Mastros, Spago, Scarpetta, DOCG, China Poblano, Hakkasan, Bouchon... Of these, Twist and Milos are my soulmates. I can't get terribly excited about steaks, or, if I'm being really honest, sushi. Maybe I've over-researched it but I don't feel like I have one new place in my sights this time that thrills me. What's new and great? I would be so grateful for suggestions. I'll give you all the credit when they love it. Blossom is on the radar screen. Thanks in advance!

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  1. you don't know if you've rarely or ever posted here?

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      Once about Aperol and once about lunch near the Borghese, I see. Both years ago. Sorry?

    2. I know you can't get excited for steaks, but Carnevino is killer - and you needn't JUST get steaks. Blossom is truly excellent, though, so don't shy away from that.

      Consider Circo or Le Cirque - less interesting than Twist, but beautiful cuisine no less - with the former soon to shutter. American Fish is also great, and soon to undergo rebranding so that could be a thought.

      Mix is a great view and good food if you stick to Ducasse Classics.

      Savoy is just as pricey as e, so I guess I'll skip over that - though it is excellent.

      A wildcard in its newness, Yusho opens next week and if the Chicago location is any indication it should be stellar.

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        Wow, thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful information and the Blossom endorsement. I will explore the others, particularly Yusho, as I'm not at all familiar, and will give Carnevino a look with new eyes. Guy Savoy is on the list for a future visit, along with é. Thanks again

      2. You have some good suggestions below. Another thought would be the Barrymore. Again, a bit more diverse than just steaks and also has an interesting atmosphere, good cocktails and a reasonable price point.
        Another place that I think is overlooked but always delivers solid food in a very nice setting is verandah at the four seasons.

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          Thank you, I have been to the Barrymore a couple of times, very nice! Will go again on this trip with work pals. I've not been to Verandah but will give it a look. Thanks