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Apr 3, 2014 06:14 PM

UCLA Hillel is open for Pesach

the Shack at UCLA Hillel will be open all Pesach. Look on the web site under "Community Events." Web site is a little iffy (won't work on iPad) but if I recall, they are open all week.

Sedarim are open to the public (I think $50pp) and they are trying to rent out an all inclusive private seder for 15-20 in a private room for $2500. Includes 2 parking spaces...

Parking is an issue.

They want to encourage people to come to help make up some of the costs. It's for a good cause.

Since April comes early this year (because Nisan came right on time!) many colleges are not on spring during Pesach so if you find yourself in a college town, call the kosher dining hall and see if you can buy a meal.

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