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Apr 3, 2014 05:46 PM

Blings, Pings, ETC

I don't know about others but I am getting tired of appliances emitting sounds. I got a new fridge 2 weeks ago. It chimes when the doors have been open too long. My oven emits sound that will not turn off until you turn off the noise. My microwave whistles a warning that you have reached the time you set. My dishwasher also beeps. My washing machine beeps to let you know it has finished. It does cease after a few moments. My dryer, thank goodness allows me to set whether or not want I want an alarm when it is through. I find all of these highly annoying. Is there a ay to get it to the mfgs that we'd rather have an option as with my dryer?

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  1. I actually like it. We bought a house a couple months ago and the appliances came with it. We kept several of them, including the fridge. It's much better quality and has heavier doors than I was used to so the beep has helped me out many times when I thought I swung the door closed but had not. I don't find I'm hanging out in front of the fridge or freezer long enough for it to beep otherwise. It seems like it's set to about 1 minute.

    1. My very clever way of avoiding this has been to buy the nicest, simplest appliances I can find and keep them forever. There are some alarms I don't mind, including the dryer buzzer, since I can hear that even when I'm upstairs. The microwave oven beeps, which is also useful. The dishwasher, however, is almost thirty years old and came with the house, and the appliance guy says these old GE things are apparently immortal, so keep it. It doesn't need an alarm, because when it quits running the silence is very noticeable … and then we know it's another half an hour until it's really done.

      So I'm okay with the appliances. I just wish I could do something about the chimes and buzzers in my car …

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        You are so lucky to still have a well made dishwasher..... I have dishwasher envy now.....

        1. re: Dirtywextraolives

          I'm not at all sure GE makes them to last as they did in 1986! I know that when our 12-year-old dryer developed a problem in its drum drive, the factory-trained technician basically gave me hell for wanting to repair it instead of keeping such an "old" thing … so I took him up to the kitchen and showed him the 1932 GE refrigerator, the '30-something gas range and my display of similarly ancient but working small appliances. Far from being impressed, he seemed to think he was in a house of insane people, but he replaced the defective part on the dryer and left with as few words as possible.

          1. re: Will Owen

            No they don't make them to last at all anymore, planned obsolescence, I believe is the phrase. Everything is made with plastic parts and internal parts like the washing machine drums are no longer built to last more than 6 years, let alone 30. This information was imparted to me by a sears repairman when we got our whirlpool w&d twelve years ago. Since then the pump and another part has had to be replaced, along with the solenoid chip in the dryer. I am rueing the day when I have to replace them. And don't even get me started on the POS GE dishwasher I have...... Never buy another GE product again.

            1. re: Will Owen

              As a fellow hanger onto of old appliances, when the Norge freezer out in my garage finally died, my electrical bill went down by half.

              Makes you think.

        2. Those sounds cause seizures in my pseudo IL's dog (as well as their former). Pseudo FIL had become an expert in finding ways to kill those sound or it at least muffle them.

          1. Your post instantly reminded me of a segment of This American Life I heard ages ago. Thank goodness for Google! Kitchen part starts at around four minutes into this segment.

            Description: Jack Hitt visits Toby Lester, who has mapped all the ambient sounds in his world: the hum of the heater, the fan on the computer.


            1. I've noticed that several manufacturers have a "Sabbath" mode for the alarms/alerts, which seems to disable the sounds and flashing lights.
              However, it would be great if the manufacturers would install an option for sound on or off.

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                My oven has a Sabbath mode which j learned of as I heard the oven screeching while I was asleep. I had chicken stock in the oven. It's a 12 hour timer but I think you can turn it off. The fridge has one too, it disconnects use of the door from the operation of the motor and the light.