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Apr 3, 2014 05:25 PM

Mercato Hells Kitchen

Does anyone know if the menu is the same as their lunch/dinner menu for Saturday and Sunday brunch? I want to go there but I want to try items on there lunch/dinner menu not breakfast like items. On another thought-I had my heart set on lunch at Momofuku Ssam bar for Saturday brunch/lunch but now I am thinking Ma Peche instead mainly due to reading Ziggy's blog. It has become my new favorite NYC food page. Any thoughts out there? Ma Peche is closer to where I am staying but I have no problem taking the subway either.

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  1. 1) No brunch menu at Mercato. Just brunch hours with the same lunch/dinner menu

    2) Big yes to Ma Peche

    3) Thank You ;)

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      Thanks Ziggy. I know you wouldn't let me down with info.
      Going to go to both Ma Peche and Mercato and also The Marshall. Keep the reviews coming!!