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Apr 3, 2014 05:24 PM

Any thoughts on La Lunchonette?

I've never been to La Luncheonette. I've been meaning to go for years but always seem to forget about it. All the posts are quite a few years old. Has anyone been recently? ANy updated thoughts? Many thanks.

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  1. Such a coincidence! We're going there tomorrow night, at another couple's suggestion, and I couldn't find anything current either. BTW: It's spelled "La Lunchonette." I made the same initial error when searching.

    1. I was there about a year or so ago for lunch - good duck confit salad. I tasted friends' dishes and IIRC, everything was pretty solid. Just good, basic French fare. Nice people, too.

      1. Although I haven't been in quite some time, it seems like the kind of place that never changes, including the food, which always has been quite good, even if not spectacular. It has an authentic French countryside feel (if 10th Avenue ran through the French countryside).

        1. I did have dinner there last night and comments by VaPaula and Blumie are spot on. Classic French country cooking that won't knock your socks off but was very satisfying. Kind of French soul food. Cute and cozy with an attentive staff. I'd be happy to go again.

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            thanks everyone! i plan on checking it out!

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              we go fairly often, usually for lunch. it never changes. sweet service. by far my fav dish is the leek and lentil salad appetizer, which i am addicted to. my spouse swears by the soups. a bottle of wine is inexpensive, so its the fitting way to go. love the classic chalkboard specials, but the menu items just as well. my only only downside is they serve string beans and scalloped potatos with just about every main, neither of which i like. also, no dessert to speak of and dont you be asking for fancy drinks, just get wine or sparkling water. oh, sometimes they have an accordian player, adding to its charm.

          2. The original comment has been removed