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Apr 3, 2014 05:11 PM

Grand Canyon eats?

Taking our first trip to the Grand Canyon this weekend. From my search here, all the discussions are at least 5 years old. Does anyone have any recent recommendations? I am seeing very mixed reviews about El Tovar Lodge. I don't mind paying for food, if it's good, but drives me crazy to spend a lot of money on food that is mediocre (hence belonging on Chowhound!)

We'll be traveling with 3 children, aged 5 - 10. I know McDonalds is there, but I'd honestly rather eat granola bars for dinner than eat at one. Thanks!

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  1. We'll be driving through Flagstaff, on our way to Phoenix, afterwards and I'd love to have recommendations for Flagstaff, too. The Southwest board does not have very many recent posts!

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      I haven't been there in 13 years, but Black Bart's Steakhouse in Flagstaff,
      is an interesting place. The older kids will enjoy the song and dance (I believe the wait staff is composed of the theater and music students at Northern Arizona University), and the steaks weren't bad.

    2. I wouldn't ordinarily recommend the cafeteria-style setup at Maswik Lodge, but with a variety of food stations it may be your best bet for kids. The food *is* mediocre, but you won't be paying for any more than that.

      In Flag, try Pita Jungle, an Arizona chain, on Butler Ave. Eclectic menu, and I always see a lot of kids there, so their parents must know it's appealing.

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        Thank you. A cafeteria is a good idea, fun for kids, and easy after a day of hiking.

      2. My fiancee (now wife) went to the Canyon in late 2010. We stopped in the El Tovar Lodge for some hot chocolate. I cannot vouch for the kind of food they serve, but the service was very friendly, and it's a cozy escape if it's too hot or cold at the Canyon. The on-site options are very limited. Perhaps you can pack a picnic and eat it rimside?

        1. The Maswik cafeteria is just fine with lots of flexible choices for the young ones. Crazy loud when busy. On the other hand a splurge at the El Tovar for breakfast is a must. Get there early, request a table near the windows and watch the sun come up over the canyon. Spectacular. And the food is good and the service is flawless unless they are slammed. They have half portions for the kids at a discount. I had the trout and eggs. Outstanding.