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Apr 3, 2014 04:17 PM

2 handled lightweight pot (small)

Where can I get ~2 quart size pot?

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  1. I'd try REI or another camping store.

    1. Hi,

      Don't know exactly what you want, but if you search cookware on Amazon with the word "casserole" you'll turn up a lot of two-handled pots, in various materials and sizes, including some around 2 quarts. (The search term "pot" seems mostly to turn up larger ones.)

      Been there, done that...

        1. Not sure what you mean by lightweight... Would triply be too heavy a material?

          This caught my eye recently,

          If I had it to do over, I would have this pan in the 2.5 quart version, rather than the long-handled 2 and 3 qt sauce pans. I have the 4 qt version, and it is one of my most used pans.