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Apr 3, 2014 12:41 PM


Perhaps this topic is more NAF than cookware, but "c'est la viande".

Since there's always a dearth of choice in shoes in my size, and my Crocs (style: "relief") are over a decade old, I ordered several pairs direct from the Crocs website. I intend to keep only the ones that are the most comfortable.

Crocs has branched out into boots, sandals, and other styles but I am talking about those in the original design, or close to it: the slip-in clog type with a strap that can be either on top of the vamp, or behind the heel. I noticed that they now have several versions of this style that are supposedly designed for cooks. The one named for Mario Batali comes, fortunately, in black as well as the notorious orange. It's currently on sale so the black is one of the pairs I ordered.

At least one of these kitchen Crocs apparently has a firmer toe box and different ventilation. Reviews on just about every style tend to be mixed. I am merely a home cook, and wear Crocs as my default shoe, since they are so comfortable and easy to get on and off. I need a wider shoe and Crocs are wide, though they don't come in a choice of widths.

Croco-philes, do you have preferred styles and do you think the ones made for kitchen use are better than standard style?

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  1. My fasihonista daughter declared years ago that Crocs should only be worn in the garden :) But seriously I've worn one pair of closed heel Danskos for over ten years. Nothing else like them IMO.

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    1. re: c oliver

      I also am faithful to Danskos. I was forced to buy a new pair by my colleagues who couldn't stand to see my big toe hang out the hole of my old pair.

      1. re: fldhkybnva

        Good god, woman, how can you possibly wear one out?!?!?!? Mine are scuffed but perfect otherwise. I first bought them maybe a dozen years ago for kitchen ONLY. But over time I wear them all over. In our snow country, they're great when there's just an inch or so of snow cause it lifts me out of it.

        1. re: c oliver

          They were old and spent hours in the operating room and at the gross bench cutting specimens, I've worn them pretty much 24/7 through med school and residency. I also walk at gazelle speed and I think lead with my toe :) I still wear that pair occasionally, they are so comfortable.

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            I really want some patent leather ones :) Or paisley!

            1. re: c oliver

              Two of my coresidents who happen to be on the same service this month have matching paisley.

      2. re: c oliver

        Your daughter is "spot-on" LOLZ.

        I find Crocs nice outdoor shoes with little use as "kitchen" apparel where true kitchen apparel is required.

        Like others, I wear black Danskos in the kitchen usually.
        Cheap ? Nope. Worth $100 a pair? U bet your ass.\
        And I'm a dude.

        Drop a knife in flip flops or Tevas and you better be quick.
        Crocs are no better nor any more sutied for the kitchen than flip flops.

        You have to go steel or composite toe Danskos or Doc Martens for that which is what I see most chefs wear in the real world.

        And BTW, the orange Mario crocs are NLA. Crocs discontiuned the color back in the fall.

        1. re: jjjrfoodie

          The orange Batali crocs are still being sold on their website.

          1. re: greygarious

            Thanks greygarious.

            Based upon a ABC "Chew" episode back in late fall 2013, even mario B himself said he had to buy a few palette fulls of orange Crocs to sqirrel away to keep him happy due to their being discontinued.

            I guess the public has spoken.


            Buy what you like and what fits.

          2. re: jjjrfoodie

            Thanks for elaborating. I can't imagine Crocs being nearly as safe or supporting as Danskos.

        2. I'm a croco-phile but only for backpacking. Put them in a backpack because they're so lightweight, and put them on after a day's hike at the camp site for sitting by the fire after everything is set up and wood is ready.

          I dig the classic style with the thing that flips up. Because I can slip them on quick if it's potty time in the middle of the night.

          Wish I could help you more. They're great for cooking out in the woods though! Must be camo too... So I can lose them easily lol.

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          1. re: Muddirtt

            Gotta admit, I like the ones with the autumn leaves design, though I would not advise wearing them in the woods!

            1. re: greygarious

              Meh. They're either on my feet or in the tent or in the USMC ILBE Gen II. No worries. I try to be as camo as possible when hiking the river, outside of rifle hunting seasons of course. Hunting seasons, it's blaze orange hat and vest, and a blaze orange tarp over the tent lol. No need for someone noticing me camping and thinking I'm a homeless drunk or something.

          2. I wear Crocs occasionally, the standard style. I don't find them particularly comfortable though I have fairly high arches and there's not much arch support.

            1. Self confessed Crocoholic. I've worn them for years now, and literally have worn them on every continent on the planet except for Australia and Antarctica. In all 4 seasons as well. I do have to note that I live in Hawaii, so both the climate and the island lifestyle make them perfect for year round wear here. That said I've worn them from NYC to Paris to Tokyo...

              For years I just wore the Classic, and honestly, really like them. Recently have been having some arthritic problems in my feet, and on the advice of a podiatrist bought a pair of the Duet Sport Clogs. They are very nice on the feet and have a combination of both rigidity in the sole as well as some cushiony soft foam under the feet. A bit clunkier, but very comfy.
              For years I wore a pair of fugly powder blue Classics in the hospital OR, but was always cautious wearing them as they were horribly slippery on wet surfaces..which are ubiquitous in last year bought a pair of the Croc Work Bistro Vent clogs, which have a more aggressive slip resistant tread. Bingo! They're perfect in wet, slippery floors. This model seems to cup and hold your foot more than the other model Croc clogs...but are still loose enough to slip on and off. I never wear the strap in back, I prefer the slip on/off comfort of the open back clogs.

              In short, despite outting myself as a Crocophile, I think the Work Bistro model, of which the Mario Batali orange is one of the options would be very comfortable in the kitchen. I spend long hours in a hospital operating room wearing them, and wouldn't want to wear anything else. was wearing them there which caused me to start wearing them full time outside of work..

              I hope this helps.

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              1. re: wabi

                Thank you! They haven't arrived yet but I like the idea of the better cupping and tread, even though I am buying them for all-round use, not as kitchen shoes. I wear Crocs outdoors in icy New England winters so tread is important. Glad I was able to order the Batali in black.

                1. re: greygarious

                  Batali Bootie Bust would be the Variety headline. Too bad! I like the thicker, firmer rubber but they are too tight across the vamp for me. The tread, designed for wet floors, would be no better on snow or ice than a treadless slipper. No ridges at all - just a flat sole with an "etched" gridlike pattern. By the way, the Batali "black" is different from ordinary Croc black. It's more a dark gunmetal gray, with a bit of a sheen.

                2. re: wabi

                  "last year bought a pair of the Croc Work Bistro Vent clogs, which have a more aggressive slip resistant tread. Bingo! They're perfect in wet, slippery floors."

                  I need those. I'm terribly clumsy at the best of times. On wet floors, I'm all slip sliding away...

                3. I LOVE THEM for both gardening and cooking..okay, really, for everything, since I have weird feet. (No, really, they're weird).

                  Here's a question...are there any crocs that are especially well ventilated for folks who spend a ton of time on their feet in the kitchen AND have foot issues? I have a cousin who's lived with Type I diabetes since he was 6, and 50+ years later, his feet have issues.

                  He likes to spend a lot of time cooking (read: 8-9 hours a day for a couple weeks at a time) during the spring holidays, and I'd gift him with a pair if I knew they wouldn't complicate diabetic tootsies. (His default shoe is normally Ecco, which he will wear til they're threadbare).

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                    1. re: greygarious

                      Pinehurst, I tried on the Ultimate Cloud style. They feel softer than the regular Crocs. The toe box is quite roomy - higher and wider than the others, and the vamp is slightly wider. Very comfy. Oddly, there are 12 perforations in the vamp rather than the 13 in the regular styles, not that I think one hole makes an important difference. But I'd have thought there might be *more* ventilation in a shoe designed with the diabetic foot in mind.

                      1. re: greygarious

                        Greygarious, this is tremendous. This will be my shopping mission this morning!! THANK YOU.