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Apr 3, 2014 12:28 PM

Farm-to-table in North OC

North OC is joining the 2010s' (or at least the 2000s') food trends with Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana, Kentro, Early Bird, Sue Ann's, and now Green2Go, a farm-to-table restaurant in Brea. It features organic produce and tilapia grown on their 25 acre farm. What I have tried so far has been excellent, from the burger to salads to the tilapia. Customers order at the counter and they have food runners (fast casual?), but there is a nice patio and the interior is pleasant. The chef, Adam Navidi, also does dinners at the farm.

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  1. I've been to every place on your list with the exception of Sue Ann's. Have you been to Sue Ann's - its the first time I've heard about this place?

    If somebody opens up a Tender Greens type place or any reasonably good Chinese or Korean BBQ place on the border of Brea/YL they will do well. The composition of these neighborhoods is changing very quickly and we're in dire need of good Asian food closer to us. I'd do it myself but I am house rich and cash poor.

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      I've been to Sue Ann's for breakfast and weekend brunch. The baked goods (scones and cinnamon rolls) are quite good. For brunch items, we had chicken & waffles, pancakes, crab cakes, and an omelet. The fried chicken, for which the chef, Gillian Clark, is apparently well-known, was quite good--crisp and spicy coating and cooked perfectly. The corn waffle was not crisp, although it tasted good. Sauce was a maple gravy that was a good sweet-savory combination. As far as nearby chicken & waffle purveyors, I would rate the chicken best, although Early Bird's chicken is very good some of the time, and of higher quality than Mrs. Bea's. Early Bird beats them all on the waffle though. Sue Ann's pancakes were great-fluffy with good flavor. The crab cakes were great--lots of flavorful crab, excellent texture, not a lot of additional binders, bread crumbs or the like. Service was earnest but could use some training.

      It is an interesting place--the owners are into a 70s TV show hosted by a woman named Sue Ann, and the restaurant is themed as if it is a 70s house, and the menu is an upgraded commentary of the comfort food of the time. I will definitely be going back to try more of the menu.

      I haven't been to a Tender Greens, but from what I've read Green2Go might be somewhat similar. I agree about the opportunities for restaurants in the Brea.YL area. People with good food and good ideas are doing well-Olive Pit and Mammaluccos come to mind. As far as various Chinese and Korean styles, fortunately Rowland Heights and Buena Park aren't too far away, but I think a local place would do great.

    2. There's also Spenser's Bistro that uses Melissa's Produce. It is being very well received.

      And let's not forget Burger Parlour doing the "burger trend"...