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Apr 3, 2014 10:13 AM

One night for dinner in Birmingham

I'm in town for one night and could use a dinner rec. Southern and/or local food preferred over anything else. Money and distance are less important.

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  1. Bottega Cafe

    Highlands Bar & Grill (call early as possible for reservations) Dress code: jacket & tie for men.

    Hot & Hot Fish Club (same, call early) Try & sit at the chef's to watch them cook. If the Hot & Hot Tomato Salad is on the menu, get it.

    Chez Fon Fon

    1. Not knowing where you are from cholebell has giving you some great recs. If you are looking for Southern and local I would throw in The Bright Star in Bessemer (which is Greek style but with a Southern flair) or Niki's West, true southern food. It is cafeteria style but you can asked to be seated and order off the menu. In the Trussville area there is Sherry's and The Diner for true southern type food. They are both cafeteria style.
      Let us know what you decided on.

      1. I'll be south of town near Lakeshore. I've read about Niki's but Hot & Hot sounds appealing too.

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          They are totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

          I see from your profile that you're from Central Mass.

          I think Niki's is pretty good for meat and three but unless you have never experienced them, I would head to H&H or Highlands.

          Additionally, I hear great things about Vittoria if money is no object. I have yet to try it.

        2. If its just you, I would go sit at bar at Highlands - you dont need a jacket if your sitting at bar. Niki's - not in best location, very casual, meat and three - to me its more of a lunch place than dinner.

          Bottega Cafe side is always good, they dont take reservations - if its nice outside their patio is one of my favorite places.

          If you want more casual Saw's Juke Joint - sorta southern, bbq type place.

          Ocean or 26 - more upscale seafood side but good.

          El Barrio very good mexican. Not your typical cheap mexican.

          Gian Marcos is a hot spot, italian, always slammed.

          None of the above are very "southern food".. more local favorites. I guess Bright Star if your really wanting old school Birmingham southern food. Sort of a drive and not in the best part of town, but a classic and always pretty good.

          1. So we went to Niki's mostly to placate my co-worker who wanted something basic. He didn't even like the buffett so we both ordered fish off the menu. It was good not great. I had the stuffed grouper and he had the snapper. Supplemental rolls were excessive but the cinnamon roles were good.

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              The only reason to go to Nikki's is because it's a giant meat and three steam table operation (not an AYCE buffett). I would not go there for fresh fish ... sorry you were disappointed.

              1. re: TrollKing

                Sorry you missed the opportunity for some exceptional dining at H+H and Highlands as well as some outstanding BBQ and lowlands cuisine at Saw's venues. Nikki's is a meat plus 3 cafeteria at best by comparison.

                1. re: ThanksVille

                  With all the great restaurants in B'ham & wanting a good dining experience. A meat 'n three would be my last choice. Sorry it wasn't great. Maybe you'll get another chance & B'ham can impress you next time.