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Apr 3, 2014 10:09 AM

Less common seasonal produce - Worcester area

Is there someplace in the Worcester area that sells foraged and/or less common seasonal produce? e.g. ramps, fiddleheads, morels and the like.

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  1. Not that I'm aware of. I've seen fiddleheads in season at the supermarkets, though.

    1. Last year the Pricechopper on rte 9 in Shrewbury was selling fiddle heads for absurdly cheap (compared to Russo's, Wilson Farms ). Also, we had to explain what they were so they could ring them up.

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      1. re: stultus

        Ha! I've had to explain many a fruit/vegetable to supermarket cashiers….dikon, mejool dates (one of which I GAVE the cashier, as she had never tasted a date), celeriac. It is amazing how many folks haven't tried a variety of produce items.

        1. You also might try the various Asian markets around Worcester....

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          1. re: Jeremy01506

            As a newbie to the area, can you recommend some good Asian markets (esp on the eastern side of town, or in Shrewsbury)?

            1. re: skimom

              Mekong Market on Main St in Worcester has a very large selection. Great place for fresh whole fish, pork belly, Asian vegetables, and all sorts of packaged exotica.

              1. re: Rick_V

                I second Mekong Market, it's the one I frequent the most.....

              2. re: skimom

                Being in Shrewsbury, you can also check out the many Indian Grocers scattered around Westborough, although you won't find the same amount or variety of produce based on the ones I have been to.