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Previous threads are old, so I figured I'd start a new one. Having dined at Biff’s several times for lunch over the past few months, I’ve found myself ordering grilled calf’s liver on multiple occasions. It’s arguably the best I've eaten at a restaurant; flavorful and exceptionally moist.

Disclaimer: I rarely order grilled liver at restaurants; I normally just eat it at home. Despite that, for you liver fans I’m putting Biff’s as a recommendation. Their side of thick bacon, sauteed cabbage and parsnip puree make excellent compliments.

Can anyone recommend other places that serve grilled/fried liver dish that you enjoy?

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Biff's!

    I've enjoyed the liver at Allen's on the Danforth.


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      +1 For Allen's! It's some very special liver.

      1. Rose and Sons
        Queen and Beaver

        1. Believe it or not, the liver and onions at Steeles Deli, is delicious. Steeles Deli is a restaurant in a plaza on the north side of Steeles just west of Yonge Street. It's a family style deli, not at all fancy. But, the liver is delicious. I order it medium rare. Enjoy!

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            Here's another vote for the liver and onions at Steeles Deli. It's a deli classic. One of the delis's most popular mains. Maybe not top-quality provimi, but mighty tasty nonetheless, and at about $13-$14, with potatoes and veggies, it's a mad buy. Comes in two sizes, substantial and more substantial. Beats many fancier joints charging $25 and more for just about the same thing. And as farmgirl1836 advises, go for it medium rare.

          2. +1 for the liver at Biff's. Exactly as Apprentice put it.

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              Bistro Camino makes an absolutely superb liver plate, but you have to call ahead for it.

            2. The Pasta Bar at Scaramouche...same recipe for years, no change and still fabulous LIVER done the way you like it..I order rare and it comes rare without any lecture from the server...

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                Why lecture? Should liver "not" be eaten rare?

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                  Just one more thing that some servers (wait staff) will caution you about, not so much here in Toronto but in the U.S. it's reached epidemic proportions....I like meat rare and in the case of prime rib particularly "bleu|", eggs lightly over, caesar salad.with raw egg.and one of my favourites Steak Tartare...In many cases there are warnings printed on some menu's on others where it's not printed, servers are required to tell you. Liver is actually eaten raw is some cultures...I don't go that far but sometimes it's too well done and resembles shoe leather...my belly and my consequences, I accept that..

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                    Frank at the AGO.. Best I have ever had.

                    Cranberries (Wellesley and Parliament) do a good job and a generous portion.