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Apr 3, 2014 07:48 AM

Wedding wines

Help! I have to choose the wines served with dinner at my 300-person wedding. Can't afford to splurge on my personal favorites, but am trying to find options that won't have my guests gagging (and also with the knowledge they'll already be tipsy from cocktail hour come dinner time). Anyone have anything positive to say about any of these choices of maker from the catering hall?

Ecco Domani
Trinchero Family Estate, California
Beaulieu Vineyards, California
Columbia Crest, Washington
Redwood Creek, California
Forest Glen, California
Trapiche, Argentina

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ecco Domani is by Gallo. It's jug wine from Italy. No, wait. Italy jug wine can be pretty good. But it's crappy wine from Italy.
    Looks like Columbia Crest is the best wine on this list.

    1. one with the prettiest bottle...i am not kidding..

      1. Those are all brands without vintage dates... very difficult to say anything definitively.

        The most predictable varietals for everyday sipping that "don't have me gagging" are riesling followed by chardonnay. So I'd ask the catering hall if they get favorable comments on either of those two varietals from any of the listed labels.

        You'll also need a red. The most versatile red IMO is zinfandel as it can handle the reddest meat, but also dark turkey, dark chicken, and some busy sauces like BBQ. Ask if they hear anything favorable about the zins in that line up. Otherwise probably a cab or merlot.

        1. I would pick three brands, buy from the grocery and have a blind tasting party with my friends. Because you might find you like one brand Chard and a different Cab. (or whatever red you are offering.) It's a tiny investment, but fun, but if you are having a 300 person wedding, what's $80 more dollars.

          My three to try would be, BV, Columbia Crest and Trapiche. If I weren't going to try these, I would just choose Trapiche.

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            I agree with waitress those three are worth a try. I'd probably look to a Sauvignon Blanc (even tho I love chardonnay) bc they're likely to go better with the food you're serving. so check out a couple of varieties of each color and see what tastes better to you. If you can approximate the dinner for your tasting, so much the better.

            And remember, it's not about the wine that day, it's about you and your celebration!

          2. Thanks, all--very helpful!