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Jean-Talon Market & area 2014

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Big renovations coming soon at the market, SAQ will move in a bigger space: http://journalmetro.com/opinions/pays...

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  1. Will they close the nearby SAQ on St-Laurent ?

    1. Thanks for the news, Glaff. Especially if the SAQ is towards the western edge of the market, and a bit south of the current Jean-Talon location, I don't see how they can justify keeping the current Petite-Italie location, as they are less than five minutes' walk apart (even with groceries) even now.

      The SAQ at the market gets long queues on weekends, and there is no room to wait comfortably, or to put in more cash registers. I prefer to shop at Petite-Italie for that reason, unless I go to Beaubien. It is a tiny bit closer to my place than those other two are, but I really can't complain...

      If the SAQ moves, perhaps Fromagerie Hamel will expand once more as well.

      By the way, the Jean-Talon métro station is getting an elevator, set to open this autumn.

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        Good to hear that there will be an elevator. It means I won't have to go by car anymore when I am buying big quantities of tomatoes to preserve. Yay for accessibility!

        1. re: hala

          Yes, it will be great for a lot of people, not only disabled and elderly, but also families with strollers and shoppers with ... granny carts!

      2. Nothing to do with the major renovation, but I passed by there today, and there was a team of builders renovating La Boucherie du marché. Putting in the inside walls.

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          Wonder if Frites Alors is going to be back too...

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            I believe Frites Alors has not been there for a couple of summers as they opened a location nearby, even before the fire.

            1. re: JerkPork

              It's a shame, I liked getting some fries there in the summer.

              (but maybe good for my belly).

          2. re: lagatta

            I have to say, they are taking their SWEEEEEET TIME.

            Must have been insurance or other issues, as this could/should have been back up within a few months...

            Looking forward to seeing how it compares to the prior incarnation.



          3. Here is more on the plan from the local shopping newspaper: http://www.journalderosemont.com/Vie-...

            Note that an information session is planned presenting details of the project on 29 April, from 5 to 7pm, at the main building, 7070, avenue Henri-Julien (second floor).

            1. From Sophie Suraniti on Twitter:
              «Un 2e kiosque pour coureur des bois François Brouillard au marché Jean Talon à partir de mai Pour tout le beau stock #LesJardinsSauvages !»

              1. A Vrac en folie outlet https://www.vracenfolie.com/ will open on Jean-Talon at the eastern end of Italomélodie, near Henri-Julien; signs fore and aft.

                I've never been to one, so have no idea of their quality or prices.

                By the way, some outdoor vendors are opening up, despite the continuing cool and moody weather.

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                  Could be interesting if it's not too expensive. I don't like Aliments Merci that much so if there was a better option...

                  Still, I will probably continue going to Anatol.

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                    Vrac en Folie is now open. It's interesting, kind of a "cleaner" version of Anatol with lot more candies! I think it's more expensive too but that would be normal for a space in the market. And it sure is more interesting than Aliments Merci for nuts and spices...

                    1. re: Glaff

                      How are their nut prices? The nut guy at the market has increased his prices as has Chez Louis, they both have fresh nuts but the prices are starting to get out of hand. It's time to start going back to that stretch off L'Acadie.

                      1. re: JerkPork

                        You can have an idea of the prices on the website. Would not be able to tell you how they compare to Louis or the other one at the market though...

                  2. Boucherie du Marché is open now. They have a little sign in their door, "pas de photos, svp". Nothing to hide: it looks very nice and seems better planned in terms of the bottleneck on weekends and at other busy periods.

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                    1. re: lagatta

                      Very nice indeed, went yesterday.

                      A few changes from before:

                      - Beef aged on premises (fridge in the far right corner)

                      - A few more german-type sausages and a lesser variery of those previously offered.

                      The counters are very nice, but they should probably remove some of the items on the top, looks a little too cluttered and cuts with the modern look they achieved on the rest of the store.

                      However, I found the bottleneck even worse than before, due to the products stored in the middle, betwween both counters. A few strollers in the store at the same time (mine included) causes a total logjam. At least, previously, there was a certain kind of flow to the place (you came in on the right, came out from the left). Now, with the open space, this pattern is gone.

                      Can't comment on price yet.

                      1. re: sir_jiffy

                        Those items sell a lot. I think it was a planning error, as they were as popular for speciality (mostly French and other European, and some Québec small producers) groceries as for meat and poultry products. The little showcase shelves at the front of the store weren't adequate.

                    2. Today, people are handing out coupons for a "free gift" at Boucherie du marché. It is a sausage of your choice. I picked up a few of them, but wouldn't dare redeem more than one at a time. So a nice lapin aux pruneaux, and yes, I did purchase something as well - I was planning to do so.

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                      1. re: lagatta

                        they were handing them out yesterday too for their opening event. coupon is good this weekend and next weekend only. one per person per day i was told

                        1. re: twinkie83

                          I wonder if I could redeem one tomorrow? There is no date indicated.

                          Yesterday (Saturday) I was working all day.

                      2. Boucherie Du Marche - Total Cluster#### this Saturday, the new layout is more attractive, but even more of a traffic jam. Having the small carts in the aisles just doesn't work like in the old "one way" layout.

                        Lots of gawking and folks standing around doing nothing. At the rear butcher counter (which is what this is about, right?) not a whole lot of meat being sold. More of a Russian bread line that good French butcher. Lots of new faces behind the counter too - no idea if this will hold a candle to the prior version.

                        Withholding a verdcit until they settle in and and I peruse unmolested. Boucherie des Tours continues to get my business - no fuss, no nonsense, and great quality,



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                        1. re: mattlane

                          Perhaps, but there is no way I'm going to take the métro to Lionel-Groulx every time I want something from such a place.

                          It is odd as they seem to have to many people working there. They don't have a number system either. A lady was there with her mother in a wheelchair and everyone had to get out of the narrow aisle for the disabled lady to exit.

                          I also think whoever planned the new layout underestimated to what extent this "boucherie" is also a general grocery, especially for French, some Italian, and other imported products, and ones from Québec small producers. They needed more shelves for general groceries, which sell a lot there. Beforehand, the butcher business per se was just on the eastern side and the back - pretty much all the rest was shelves, and a couple of frozen food cabinets.

                          I'm not a big meat eater; I went there mostly for cheeses (they had great deals) and other foodstuffs.

                          1. re: mattlane

                            I tried getting inside Saturday and it was way too crowded !

                          2. I LOVE the good and reasonably-priced coffee at Caffè San Simeon, but how I wish their wooden terrasse (shared with the sister restaurant Inferno) would incorporate parasols! Before they had that set-up (which increases seating, and indeed it is often full) they had tables with parasols. I'd feel strange asking them; it is such a family affair...

                            On the other side of the street, Stefano Faita was working away hard at the outdoor Impasto stand alongside staff, with very simple foods. Such energy! (Michele Forgione was not there outdoors this time).

                            The new parklet on Shamrock Street between the market and St-Dominique has been marked out with reddish-orange paint, but no picnic tables in time for the Grand Prix, at least not today. I hope this is a success.

                            1. There's a new organic vegetables stand called Les Bio Locaux on the south-east side of the market, not far from where Jacques et Diane normally are. It's actually a COOP (http://www.capecoop.org) and the stand is used by a few different farms at the same time. Really good idea!


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                                Thanks, Glaff, I didn't think to post about it. Great stand!

                              2. A Boucanerie is taking over the location of La Grange du Marche. Smoking fish, meat, everything? I'm not sure as I didn't read the fine details on the storefront.

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                                1. re: JerkPork

                                  I'm not sure if that's gonna happen. Just went to JTM and there is a new 'local à louer' sign right next to the Boucanerie sign. If that's the case, that sure was a short-lived idea.

                                  1. re: NickinMtl

                                    If I'm not mistaken, the boucanerie sign was from La Grange and it was just not removed.

                                    1. re: Glaff

                                      Could be, I don't remember seeing it even though I've been to La Grange a fair amount of time, but that might be me just not looking for it.

                                  1. re: JerkPork

                                    Well, if they are offering "mostly" frozen products, it looks like the future is dim. Nice little shop, hope they can turn the business around.

                                  2. Just a head's up, but the western parking (on Casgrain) is now closed by a security fence. I'm guessing they are starting the work on this new building.

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                                    1. re: NickinMtl

                                      They are, but the market staff today I saw said they had to dig out the new underground parking first, which makes sense.

                                      The new SAQ Express at the corner of Beaubien and de Lorimier is open now (There were none in Rosemont - La-Petite-Patrie or Villeray) but I don't think the larger JTM SAQ can be ready before Spring 2015 at the earliest. Staff at Petite-Italie SAQ (the closest to me) say that branch won't shut down, but that might be wishful thinking. It isn't a terrible handicap to have to walk to Beaubien-St-André or the market. I go to the market several times a week in any event, whatever the season.

                                      There are GREAT squash there now. Including one that is called courge galeuse that looks like it has a serious skin condition.
                                      http://www.grelinettecassolettes.com/... I haven't bought one yet, but evidently it is very good, despite its acne, boils or warts.

                                      1. re: lagatta

                                        Spring 2015 seems pretty early, although I'd figure they'd want to have the new parking opened ASAP, considering it will remove the former street level one.

                                        As for SAQ, I agree with you it has to be wishful thinking to think they can all stay open. Two big ones (new JTM + Beaubien/St-André) plus the new SAQ express, and there is even a classic SAQ at Jarry/Lajeunesse that's not outrageously far. Can't see the one at Mozart/St-Laurent staying open for long.

                                        1. re: NickinMtl

                                          Jarry/Lajeunesse is quite a walk in wintertime, especially for those of us who live a bit south of the market! It will stay open; it is always full of clients. A lot of people drop in there when they emerge from the Jarry métro. Petite-Italie SAQ is less than five minutes' walk from the Jean-Talon SAQ, and the new one will actually be slightly closer.

                                          The parklet on Shamrock has proven extremely popular. The market lacks places to sit, other than a few terrasses where obviously, one has to consume the products from that business. People want to shop and enjoy the products from the various merchants, but a lot of market-goers like to browse and compose spontaneous picnics from more than one place. Once again I want to raise the issue of the very uncomfortable picnic tables within the market; they are hard for anyone with stiff joints (especially elderly people) to sit on. They should have "low-floor" picnic tables like those at parc Jarry.

                                          The tables in the parklet are great for all, but alas they will be dismantled at the latest when there is snow... :-(

                                    2. I just wanted to add that the Shamrock parklet is still up, and still popular, deep into October.