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Apr 3, 2014 06:56 AM

Roots in Morristown and the instructions from the waiter

Roots in Morristown had been consistently good for awhile, certainly better than the one in Summit, but finally got a clunker of a steak the other night. That's OK, you can't bat 1.000, but for the first time ever, after the steaks were delivered, the waiter said "now if I may ask you to cut into your steak and see if it is cooked to your liking". I told him to get lost. Maybe they have a problem with people returning their steaks due to the "cool red center", but if I ask for medium rare, a premium steakhouse should be able to get that done without a waiter demanding a forensic dissection.

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  1. Ha! My ongoing complaint about all of the Harvest Restaurant Group places is about their ridiculously overdone wait staff! Overtraining does not equal GOOD training.

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    1. re: Curlz

      Couldn't agree more. The last time I ate in one of their restaurants this whipper-snapper tried to convince me to order a ridiculousy over-priced bottle of wine. He seemed genuinely surprised when I said 'no'.

      1. re: bropaul

        But...if I follow the script and I'm SUPER perky, the upsell will work! Hehe

    2. This actually becoming more common in higher end steak houses. While it doesn't bother me, I really don't understand the logic behind. it.You state that you received a clunker. That would leave a more serious impression on me rather than a slight temperature difference. If I'm paying $50, I would be more apt to send it back than a steak at Arthur's or Alexus for $25.

      I would tell the waiter, it may be cooked to my liking...but that doesn't mean I'm going to if not, I'm going to take my two chews to make sure you don't bring me back the same one....

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      1. re: fourunder

        Agreed......however, if it's Arthur's, Alexis or any steakhouse, if it's $25.00 or $50.00, it's going back if it's not done per my request,......the restaurant has guidelines it runs by, do I,.....the restaurant has a right to make a good profit,....but IMO, so does the customer,.....and the customers "profit" is two fold,... value an satisfaction....if the customer does not receive both, he/she lost "profit" while the restaurant made a profit on the meal you were dissatisfied with........

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          Last couple of times I have been to Roots, in M'town and Summit, I notice the quality of their steaks has deteriorated. And they seem to have more trouble getting the temperature right.

        2. Was the steak a clunker because it was tough or gristly or was it cooked improperly?

          1. No way are they going to make me cut into my steak before I'm ready.