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Paris recommendations on Sunday & Monday?

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Hi Chowhounders! I am a long-time lurker, first-time poster. My partner and I will be in Paris on a Sunday and Monday in May, and are hoping for some of your collective wisdom on the best places to eat on those tricky days. We love everything and anything, but I suppose we'd prefer to try a high-dining place one day/evening, and a more casual bistro another. Most places on my go-to list are, unfortunately, closed those two days. Are there any must-trys open on Sundays and Mondays? Thank you!

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  1. One of my favorite bistros that is open on Monday is "Bistrot la Bruyère" , 31 Rue la Bruyére in the 9th, metro St. Georges.

    1. Sunday Clamato & Hai Kai
      Monday Ze Kitchen Galerie & Maison de l'Ameriqie Latine

      1. Sunday-Auberge de Bressane
        Monday-Chez Denise

        1. Monday:
          Chaméléon, the one in the 10th

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            "Chaméléon, the one in the 10th
            Endorse both

          2. Sunday, La Gazetta
            Monday, Tintilou (not often remembered on this forum but a sweet room)

            1. my favorite bistro is bistrot d'edmund in the 2e on rue du 4 septembre

              if you are on the west side, i like bistrot 31 in the 16th.

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                On a Monday? I don't think you can do any better than David Toutain for lunch - a major steal at 42€. You can even spend more if you'd like.

                David Toutain thread...


                We just ate there this week, and it was great.


              2. Thank you all SO much for the advice! Lots of great-looking options. I will report back!