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Apr 3, 2014 05:28 AM

Retail Outlet for Counter Culture Coffee

Does anybody know if there are any area stores selling Counter Culture? My local supplier has disappeared, and I am really missing it. The website doesn't seem to say, and the added shipping for mail-order makes it pricier than I want to spend. Can you walk into the training center to buy it? Any other ideas?

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  1. Ultimo has sold it in the past, not sure if they currently do.

    1. The best place to buy Counter Culture beans would be at a coffee shop that uses their beans. Good coffee shops generally only order what they need for a week and are usually roasted within that time span. I know there are a few cafes around that use and sell Counter Culture:

      Town Hall Coffee (Center City and Merion)
      Cake and the Beanstalk (CC)
      Ultimo (CC and S. Philly)
      Lovers and Madmen (W. Philly)

      I know Di Bruno's cafes just stared using Counter Culture as well and they do sell them in their shops. I have found that they tend to mark up more and that their roast dates tend to be about a month or more out...

      1. According to the website, you cannot buy coffee at the training center.

        Another outlet in Philadelphia is Hubub coffee on Arch. They do not consistently carry any particular type but more often than not are serving 1 or more of the

        You might also look at higher end groceries.. Fresh Market out in the burbs (there is one in Horsham, I do not recall if that is close to you or not) often carries it. I think the challenge is if they do not turn it over quickly you can be buying some pretty old coffee from there.

        You may also want to look into local roasters. I am very happy with a roaster in lambertville, nj Rojo's Roasters and I know I am getting things within days of the coffee being roasted (downside is you have to buy at the store or have it mailed).

        Reanimator coffee in Fishtown is great.Greenstreet coffee roasters is another.

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          cwdonald: If you're close to Lambertville, there's another coffee roaster not so far away you might want to check out, if you haven't already -- Homestead Coffee Roasters in Upper Black Eddy. They roast right there, and there's a little shop/cafe.

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            CindyJ thanks for the tip. And I think there is another in Frenchtown as well. I will have to head up to Upper Black Eddy and try it.

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            Thanks. I'll have to do a little more exploring. Old coffee is an issue at quite a few places, which is why I really appreciate those roasters that include a roasting date. I've been checking out the local roasters--have tried a few different Greenstreet options and also just tried Reanimator. I prefer to support local brands, but so far, nothing holds a candle to Counter Culture, for my own personal preferences.

            I had forgotten that they carry it at DiBruno's.

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              It's a much different style than Counter Culture, Rival Bros., etc., so it may not be to your tastes, but I've always liked the coffee beans from Anthony's on the Italian market, they roast their own. I don't believe they date the bags, but they've always been pretty fresh. I usually get the Italian Market Reserve.