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Apr 3, 2014 12:29 AM

Prague - Ristorante Longiano

We got a 'leetle' turned around yesterday and wound up back right by our hotel so decided to have lunch here, which is less than a block from the Imperial Hotel. And are we ever glad we did! As you can see, the menu is primarily Italian but they have a handful of Czech dishes. We ordered the "pork knee" which would rank in the top 100 dishes I've had in my life perhaps! Perfectly cooked. LOTS of meat and plenty of fat and skin. We just had that and were stuffed (obviously quite rich) with four (hey, we're on holiday!) glasses of the house red. Just looked at our credit card statement on line and the bill was right at $35 and that includes VAT (21%) and 15% tip. This is a very attractive place and seemed to be mostly locals of business types. I HIGHLY recommend this and will be happy if we make it back here again before we leave beautiful Prague.

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  1. I have absolutely no knowledge of this restaurant. But in the Imperial hotel is Cafe Imperial, which has really good Czech cuisine and decent prices for what you're getting. Next time go there, you won't be disappointed. And the interior is much nicer too.

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      We're beginning a tour today and we're actually staying there. It's stunning! We have a breakfast buffet included and I'm SO not a fan of them but this is great. Hands down the best bacon EVER!