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Apr 2, 2014 10:58 PM

Jalapeño Pickle Recipe Wanted

Hey all. Last year, I got my first taste at homemade jalapeño infused pickles from a coworker. Man were those good after a hard day's work. They were his mom's recipe so I wonder how hold the recipe is (great great grandma's?). It was also a well kept secret recipe. Ugh.

I tried some grocery store house brand jalapeño pickles but they were far from the taste of jalapeños and tasted more like regular pickles. I think it's because they weren't cut. The homemade ones I tried were cut lengthwise. I can't find any other store-bought jalapeño pickles.

I've found a few recipes online but I thought I'd also ask the pros on this board if they have any spicy pickled cucumber recipes. Thanks!

P.S. I'm assuming there's some Tobasco sauce involved but not sure. It sure was spicy what I tried.

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    I think what you're looking for might be what's called Fire & Ice Pickles in the South. There are a lot of recipes online under that name, and there's a popular commercial version called Good & Evil Pickles made by Galena Canning Company. A lot of people make them at home by just starting with a can of pre-made dill pickles and adding jalapenos (not sure why, but commercial Kosher dill pickles will not absorb the jalapeno flavor quite like regular dill pickles)

    One way to really infuse the jalapeno flavor into the cucumbers if you're starting with fresh ones is to press them. -- Layer sliced cucumbers and sliced jalapenos in a non-reactive (glass or ceramic) flat-bottomed bowl or baking dish with a very light sprinkling of salt with each layer of cuke. If you want onions in your pickles, layer them in there, too. Place a plate about the same size as your dish on top of all the layers and put some weight on top of that. A couple of cans of something or even a brick work fine. Let sit in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours. A good amount of fluid will come out and the cucumbers will really have absorbed some heat from the peppers.

    Once you've done all this and drained the fluid, you can either pickle the veg in a conventional way, or make a quick pickle by just tossing the ingredients with some vinegar, herbs, black pepper and a little sugar or honey and refrigerating overnight. It's best to slice everything pretty thinly if you're going to do a quick pickle.

    PS: Might want to post this query on the Home Cooking board.


    Been a while since I've made them but the basic recipe is equal parts white vinegar to water. Other seasonings are salt, garlic and often oregano, maybe bay leaf.

    For the salt approximate 1 Tbs per cup of liquid.

    The way I do it is to prep the jalapenos. I leave most whole and slice some. I also like to add sliced carrots and onions to the mix. This mix is crammed into jars and hot brine is poured over top and they are sealed.

    Personally I don't sterilize the jars but do wash them well. It's a highly acidic environment so I'm not too concerned about botulism but do what ever you feel comfortable with.


    I really don't know much about pickling anything much less taking cucumber and pickling that. I tried the pickles made from a popular thread here on CH but they did not meet anyone's standards let alone mine. that said you've given me an idea to try a batch of jalepeno pickles.

    need to go to market today anyway, think I'll put a pkg of cukes and go from there. if the experiment doesn't work-no big loss. I'll be using Jalepeno chilies&Serrano chilies. wouldn't have thought to use Tabasco.

    good fortune with your venture. do report back if you make the pickle and let us know if it turned out.