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Apr 2, 2014 09:45 PM

Dean Sin World - Monterey Park - Report

I went to Dean Sin World over the weekend. It was for a late lunch, and the place wasn't crowded at all. This was my second visit (the first was in summer of 2012), and I liked it just as much as last time.

We all really liked the wontons with chili. There was a ton of garlic in the sauce, and the wontons were firm with wrappers that weren't too soft. The wontons were pork-filled.

Fish dumplings were also very nice, with a medium-thickness wrapper and a mild filling. Crab and pork xiao long bao were also excellent. Like last time, some of them exploded a bit before we could eat them, but most were intact.

Shumai were the most interesting thing we ordered. They were essentially a dumpling shaped like a xiao long bao, with a similar wrapper, but they were filled w/ sticky rice. It tasted like what you'd normally find wrapped in a lotus leaf, but instead, it was steamed inside a dumpling. I attached a picture. I had never heard of this before.

Shrimp wontons in the picture on the wall look very different from the ones we received. They came in a wonton soup, and the broth was light and flavored w/ seaweed. Nice end to the meal.

We also tried the baked pastries: one stuffed w/ meat and another stuffed with date. I disliked both of these, mainly because of the fillings and the ultra-greasy and dense pastry.

Prices are very cheap, proprietor was helpful and friendly (though didn't speak a ton of English). I'd definitely return for dumplings and xiao long bao, and it's nice that there wasn't a wait.

Dave MP

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  1. Thanks for the report. Anything closely comparable in the Bay Area?

    1. Wow, Dave, that photo looks really good. Good descriptions as well; made me hungry just reading them.

      Funny to see your name without the little red diamond next to it. Chow will certainly miss you, but it is still great to see your posts.

      1. great photos and report -- that looks delicious!

        1. is mama back?

          i've never had wontons NOT in soup...i'm curious and they look delicious.

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          1. re: ns1

            is mama back?
            no. I don't even send gwailos to DSW these days.

            红油抄手 is Sichuan wonton, sometimes served in small amount of broth, often just in a bit of dressing.

            An IG survey here:
            shows it is readily available "NOT in soup".

            Lucky Noodle doesn't do much well, but they do this one basically perfect when you ask for it extra ma2.

            1. re: TonyC

              "no. I don't even send gwailos to DSW these days."


          2. If you like the spicy wontons from DSW, you really owe it to yourself to try the ones at Yunnan Garden on Las Tunas.

            DSW wish a Shanghainese dimsum place, not known for spicy dishes. I found the flavor of the oil to be a bit off. Yunnan Garden's chili oil wontons is a much more accurate iteration of the dish, and an all-around spectacular place for all sorts of Sichuanese (and a few Yunnanese) dishes.

            Mr Taster