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Apr 2, 2014 09:28 PM

Favorite pate?

I love chicken liver pate, and also love mushroom pate (from my very young days cooking in vegetarian restaurants). I have been making liver pate relatively often, but just made some using a half pound of mushrooms (portobello) to a pound of chicken livers. It tastes great. Chicken liver pate never tastes right to me without brandy.

Here's what I did - cook well drained, dried off chicken livers (cut in half mostly) in about 4T sweet butter in a saute pan until just barely cooked through and not-quite-pink in the middle. Pour into blender (not the vitamix, it's too thorough somehow). Then turn up the heat add 2 T more of sweet butter and saute the sliced mushrooms fast, get them crispy brown on the outside, add a half of a small diced onion, turn the heat down a little and slug on a couple of T of brandy. Cook the mushrooms and onions until soft and the brandy has evaporated. Add to the chicken livers with 1/2 t salt or so and lots of ground pepper. Blend until smooth, add another couple of teaspoons or maybe a tablespoon of brandy during that endeavor.

So good. I've been eating it on toast for breakfast, and the dog also loves the stuff. What is your favorite recipe? I want to branch out.

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  1. hi Teague......sounds delicious.

    made therefore took pâté to family gathering last Thanksgiving. asked to bring appetizers and wondered what out of the norm I could add to the celebration. having a pound of chix livers in freezer I opted for pâté. all I can say is I just kept adding ingredients as I'd taste&think, "oh delicious but adding 'x y z' would be a great flavor inclusion."
    I browned prosciutto&bacon in butter w-shallots, onion, garlic, tiny bit red pepper flakes+about 4 leaves of backyard oregano +tiny bit nutmeg/cinnamon&allspice when done cognac was added, fired up&cooled. (tiny bit bacon& prosciutto reserved) as well as bacon fat+butter.
    sautéed chicken livers in a bit more butter with salt&pepper. hard boiled 2 eggs&peeled.
    added ••all••
    ingredients just mentioned••(cept reserved B&P) to Cuisinart&blended.
    tasted-added more butter, TBL cream cheese, more cognac, TBL heavy cream&black pepper.
    put in buttered mold, topped with bit of B&P tiny dust of egg yolk couple leaves of oregano and about 5 chopped pistachios.
    I know I'm forgetting some ingredients as that's always the case since I don't write anything down.

    it was the best pâté I'd ever eaten and I had none left to bring home -a very thankful day

    1. I've made this for the past couple of New Year's Day parties:

      It is killer, but makes a ton, so you have it for a while!

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        I made a large batch of duck liver pate some time ago and froze it in 8 oz. crocks- it freezes well.

      2. Cretons...very close to my heart (figuratively) but also probably in my arteries, too. :-)

        1. I LOVE chicken patee! I usually add a little butter and fat cream to it so it stays smooth and does not solidify in the fridge...Thanks for the reminder - I will add it to my Sunday cooking spree :)