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Apr 2, 2014 09:20 PM

Chowdown Report: Happy Hour at Sabrosa, San Francisco

Yesterday three of us braved the rain and cold (and another called in sick), and managed to navigate the construction project surrounding Sabrosa to enjoy happy hour (M-F, 3-7pm). Well-lubricated with Tommy’s Altos tequila margaritas, $7, we ordered liberally from the happy hour snacks menu,!happy-hour...

Guacamole with roasted squash and pumpkin seeds, served with tortilla chips

Trio de salsas – Sikil pak (habanero & pumpkin seeds), Borracha (pasilla & mescal), Costeña (costeña & tomato)

Taco of the day for the happy hour special (margarita + taco + trio de salsas, $12) turned out to be carnitas paired with chile cascabel salsa. The big hunk of beautifully browned and well-marbled roast pork with shaved scallions and a fruity and well-rounded thick salsa was my favorite taco of the night.

Questacos – I was excited to see these on the menu as I’ve only run across quesatacos in San Diego and Ensenada.

Tacos de pescado

Flautas de mercado

I ask my drinking companions to share their opinions.

3200 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 638-6500
Open Daily to 2am

Earlier report on Sabrosa

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  1. I enjoyed everything, but most came up short of great.

    The carnitas taco was the winner, though it would have been better without the sweet sauce. I didn't like the sauce on the fish tacos and taquitos were crunchy but too bland and beany for me. Lemons were no replacement for limes.

    Salsas were tasty; none of them spicy enough. Kind of ridiculous that chips and salsa aren't free, though they seemed happy to replenish everything. Questacos were fun, and the meat was juicy if well done.

    Good margaritas but like others I've had around town recently, on the weak side.

    The happy hour menu has a lot of options, and this is a fine place to watch a baseball game. I'd go back at happy hour. Everything could use a bit more acidity and spice. Friendly service, but they're quick to bus. Keep a hand on your drink!

    1. I missed the first round of food, so can't comment on the guacamole or the first two tacos.

      I thought the salsas all had good flavor, and I particularly liked the sikil pak and borracha, but I agree that I'd have liked them all spicier. The fish in the tacos de pascado was moist and cooked well, and while I liked the flavor of the guajillo marinade and salsa verde, the pineapple made the whole a bit too sweet. The flautas were crunchy and greaseless, but also heavy and bland, the real miss among what I sampled.

      I found the margaritas well balanced (and thankfully, not stinting on lime), though as Windy says, they were a touch on the weak side.

      Overall, a pretty nice happy hour menu, in terms of price/quality/quantity ratio, though.

      1. Good for you -- happy hours deserve more notice. There are a lot of lighter eaters who enjoy the quieter early nosh and snoot.