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Apr 2, 2014 09:11 PM

River north

Looking for nice place for business dinner, something local

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  1. Assuming you mean a dinner where you're conducting business, or you're with business associates, so you want something upscale and not terribly loud or frantic - I recommend David Burke's Primehouse if your associates are meat-and-potatoes types who love a good steak; Naha if your associates appreciate creative food in a pampering atmosphere; or Brindille if they would enjoy French cuisine; or Topolobampo for contemporary Mexican; or Piccolo Sogno Due for Italian. At any of these, you can expect to pay $90-120/pp including moderate alcohol and tax/tip. If, instead, you want something more casual and less expensive/upscale, consider Sable or GT Fish & Oyster, both of which have a small plates format and great craft cocktails, and where you'll pay $60-90/pp.

    1. If French is your desired cuisine, Cyrano's Farm Kitchen might hit all the spots. It's very good food, but quiet enough that you can hear everyone talk. This isn't the type of place where 8 of you are going to be loud and order 4 rounds of cocktails each. That's Burke's Primehouse or Gene and Georgetti. This is for people who appreciate good food and want to have a conversation and get things done.

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        If French is your desired cuisine, Brindille, from James Beard Award winning chef-owner Carrie Nahabedian (of Naha) and which I recommended above, is perfect - not overly loud, so you can hear everyone talk, and is not a loud place where people order lots of cocktails. I also totally disagree with the above claim regarding David Burke's Primehouse. Anyone who has been to Burke's knows that it is NOT the stereotypical steakhouse with a men's club atmosphere, but is instead a more subdued, respectful fine-dining experience, NOT the place to get loud and order lots of cocktails. (If that happens to be what you're looking for, Gibson's fits that description.)

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          We can disagree about Burke's. We've obviously had different experiences or maybe different definitions. I don't take this as personally as you do so I'll just stop there.

          Brindille would work well too. The food was excellent. The only reason we haven't gone back was value. A lot of the guys thought the portion sizes were way too small for how much it cost. Their menu with prices is online so the OP can judge that for themselves.

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            I just have to disagree with the agree to disagree. Burke's is high-end corporate boutique hotel 101 versus clubby steak house. I like it, the steaks are great. As such, it is a good place for a business dinner -- go for a 45 day dry age which is not the everyday steak. If you have any who stay out after the "adults" go home, Jimmy's is the new bar at hotel or dozens of others around there.

            For other more fun business dinners you could try for Bavette's, Carnivale, or Quartino. These tend to be leave the jacket at the office more fun type of dinner. I take my team to Quartino a lot -- good value, even the picky eaters can have fun, and carafes of wine. . . Hangge Uppe. . . .