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Apr 2, 2014 08:56 PM

Whole Foods Market Sesame Bars

Hi All!
I hope someone can help me with this because I'm either thinking of the wrong name, wrong market(doubtful), or it's vanished off the planet.

In the Whole Foods bulk section, they have these sesame bars in bulk containers similar to dried fruit, nuts, etc. Can someone tell me what they're called? They're bars for a mix of sesame seeds and almonds and are a sweetened with honey or some other sweetener. Unless I'm losing it, I thought the nuts were sesame seeds :).

I was thinking of making a homemade version, but when I searched for it, NOTHING came up. I even did google images and still can't find anything that remotely resembles these bars. I know they were not pumpkin seed, so what gives. In Yahoo and Google, nothing shows up.

Please help!


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    1. re: rmarisco

      Thanks for the link. That looked very similar, but I saw another item on their site that's closer.

      Sesame brittle:

      1. re: nikkib99

        Sounds kind of like palanquetas, a Mexican style nut bar.
        Sort of like brittle, but not exactly. Although this recipe has pumpkin seeds, at local Mexican markets I see several variations. I'm sure you could mix up the type of nuts you want to use. Mostly the ones I see have peanuts only, peanuts and sesame seeds, or the blend shown in the recipe linked here.

        1. re: Feed_me

          Thank you. Wish I could remember what it's called at WF. I'll just have to head out there sometime to take a look at the package.

      1. I have never seen that in WF bulk bins, but i think this is what you're looking for- literally just sesame seeds, almonds, and honey.....